Nightmare on Mind Street

Some of our biggest fears stem from the fears that we have seen our loved ones battling with. We vow to never be on the receiving end of these fears and circumstances. We take meticulous steps to ensure that we are well equipped to battle them. But the truth is, are we really prepared?
I too struggle to shrug one such fear off the entwined nerves of my brain. Usually i succeed, but on dark nights the fear re-surfaces in the garb of a vivid nightmare. I wake up and flick the dream off my conscience like a speck of dust on an old wood table. But once the eyes close, the sub-conscious takes over and the nightmare continues from where i left it. Quite sadistically, i let it spread its weight down on me until the breath is knocked out of my lungs and i force myself to wake up again.
Astagfirul-Allahi- Rabbi-min-kulli-zanbin-wa’aatoobu-Ilaihe.
The nightmare keeps its feet firmly down on my thoughts the whole day. I cannot utter this to anybody, lest it comes true, lest it gains potency, lest it displaces my precariously placed imperfect world that i am grateful for.
No! Our fears never go away. No! They are always lurking around the corner. You can never really dis-associate yourself from the fear. 
And God help me. Please.



When in doubt. stay positive.

Happiness is punctuated by bouts of sadness. Bliss is often short lived. How long can a perfect dream last? After all, all good things come to an end, don’t they?

Not necessarily though.

Sadness is followed by moments of wide smiles and eyes giddy with delight. Bliss can be eternal even if for a few minutes. A perfect dream can come true even in its real imperfectness. An end is usually another beginning to even more good things. 




Blogging Less

It is amazing that i blog so less. Sooner or later, this may become a dead blog. *Shiver* But hey, if i blog less , it probably means that i am getting over myself. That my selfishness is subsiding. That i don’t need to tell people what I THINK.

Really! :)

That would be such a good feeling. :) To free myself from vice. ;)


In Memory of an Awesome Brother

There are days when your memory stirs my thoughts and my little heart clenches with hurt and bitter sweet pain.  The tide in my eyes rises and an obstacle forms somewhere in the throat. Despite this, i smile and pray for you with all my heart. You gave us so much happiness in the short time you were here with us. I miss you so. I miss you so. I miss you so.

I can’t find a picture of us together, but i will always have the picture where the seven of us stand together smiling, without a care in the world. Seven minus one= six and yet today, we still stand seven with a cherub joining the league. But you, you will be missed. ALWAYS.