In Memory of an Awesome Brother

There are days when your memory stirs my thoughts and my little heart clenches with hurt and bitter sweet pain.  The tide in my eyes rises and an obstacle forms somewhere in the throat. Despite this, i smile and pray for you with all my heart. You gave us so much happiness in the short time you were here with us. I miss you so. I miss you so. I miss you so.

I can’t find a picture of us together, but i will always have the picture where the seven of us stand together smiling, without a care in the world. Seven minus one= six and yet today, we still stand seven with a cherub joining the league. But you, you will be missed. ALWAYS.


3 thoughts on “In Memory of an Awesome Brother

  1. May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah grant him big, beautiful and high palace in Jannatul Firdous with Muslim Spanish football team, and make you all a guest of that palace forever never to be leaving apart Ameen Summa Ameen.

  2. Hi SaFire, first of all, thanks for subscribing to my blog! When I read that you’re in Afghanistan, I was like, “oh!” because I am reading And The Mountains Echoed at the moment, by Khaled Hosseini! Also, I read in your interview about your brother … I share your pain 100% … my younger sister is currently battling cancer … was diagnosed in June this year … anyway, keep up the writing! :)

    • HI Eliza. I am not from Afghanistan. I live in the southern city of Karachi in Pakistan. :) I have read ,”And the Mountains Echoed” though and although i liked it, but not more than Khalid Hussaini;s previous books, “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. They are just amazing.

      I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s struggle. It;s not just her but the whole family who battles cancer so i can understand what you must be going through. You have all my prayers and a big hug for you and your sister. She will be fine. Tell her to keep fighting, which i am sure you already do. xox

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