Advertising & Morality

Is it just me, or does everyone think that the local advertisements are just giving out wrong messages?

I understand the respective company wants to effectively market, “Fresh Up Big Bite bubble” and increase sales- but i am sorry, the advertisement is just too wrong , at least for my digestion. If you haven’t seen the advert, here is what exactly happens in short:

– a young man bumps into a girl, pops Fresh up bubble in his mouth, and suddenly the girl is all smiles and very accommodating.

– a female in an office wants to get some signatures in a file, she pops fresh up bubble in her mouth, gets too close for comfort with the boss, and of course he happily signs.

– a young bloke is smoking and about to enter his house. He pops fresh up bubble in his mouth ( which of course takes care of the mouth odour ) , and embraces his mother, who is only happy too see him.

– and the best part, with fresh up bubble, you can increase friendship between a guy and a girl i.e. it is implied that the friendship will be upgraded into a relationship.


And what about the, “Tarang chai (tea)” advert? My God! Yes. its cheeky. Yes! its colourful and is a product of good cinematography ( or whatever the technical term is) and is backed by a whole lot of money, but, “My God!”.

I did not enjoy Reema and Ali Zafar dancing. It was just strange, if you know what i mean. Its really disturbing to see two people moving in such a way that their torso seems disjointed from the upper half of the body. *sheesh* channel change please!

That brings me to the Telenor Talk Shalk ( read Shock ) advertisements. Do i really have to mention the suggestive punch lines, which Annie uses in the add, with the complete pout, fluttering of eyelashes and the most gaudiest of dresses i have ever seen on TV? Is cheapness the new criteria for making a hit advertisement?

This is not our culture. This is not our society. These are not our morals. This is not how Allah has taught us to live our lives? I am not a pious woman and i have my set of vices, but i will never support or advocate such behavior. There are young children and teenagers watching television, with only too gullible frame of minds and such advertisements should certainly be discouraged. Are there no standards in the advertising industry? Is it all about money at the end of the day?

I am just completely grossed out by the cheap tactics, negative brand imaging, and wrong messages which are churned out by these sub standard advertisements.

These advertisements can be easily seen on you tube. I would not recommend seeing them. But of course, curiosity killed the cat, and you may be the most inquisitive cat ever. =)