“We have met the enemy, and it is us” (Pogo)

This blogger is not a journalist and neither is she a media news guru. This blogger will not go into the facts of the Sialkot tragedy where two young brothers were lynched to death by a mob including so called security agencies of this country. She will not go into descriptive details and prostitute people’s emotions including those of the boys’ family for more hits on this blog, like the television channels have been doing . If any reader wants details or wants to be sensationalized , you all know where to look.

My mind remains plagued with restless thoughts, my soul roped by helpless anger and my emotions a bundle of despair over one question- Why did the people standing in the crowd never ventured to stop the murderers? How could they keep looking on to the most brutal murders one could fathom? Why did their conscience not prick them? What made them think such extreme vigilante justice  ( assuming some of them thought so) was justified?

So what is Vigilante Justice ?

Stated simply, vigilante justice is when a person or a group of people take the law in their own hands and set out to punish a criminal or an assumed criminal. Hence, without the proper procedure of arrest, investigation, evidence, trial and sentence, any such punishment by such an individual(s) is extra legal in every sense of the word.

Philosophers, like French (2001), equate vigilante justice with vengeance, and tie it into ethics – i.e. correcting a criminal wrong by wrongful means.  Clichéd as it may sound, two wrongs never made a right, and practicing vigilante justice only means moral decline of the society at the end of the day.

It should be clarified that Vigilante Justice is different from civilian watch keeping or protesting organizations who do not intend to take the law in their own hands. For e.g. if there is a neighbourhood watch, where participants take turns to protect the neighbourhood from negative elements with the intention to hand over the miscreants to the Police , then this is not synonymous to vigilante justice. But if the neighbourhood watch turns into an angry mob and tortures , harasses or kills the miscreants, then they would be participating in vigilante justice.

Why would an individual decide to take the law in their own hands?

A day or two after the Sialkot tragedy, I had a conversation with a taxi driver which shed light on the mentality behind vigilante justice. I reproduce our conversation (translated in English) below:


It’s sad whatever happened in Sialkot.  It’s sadder as to how the onlookers didn’t do a thing to protect the boys.


What you are saying is very right and it is sad, but those children have been murdered unfortunately on the pretext of mistaken identity. Chor koi aur tha, maar inn ko diya. (The thieves were someone else, but these boys were murdered instead.)


Even if it is assumed for a minute that the boys were thieves (although evidence suggests otherwise), the boys should have been handed over to the Police. How could they take the law in their own hands and murder them?


What is the use if we don’t beat up thieves? The Police may catch them and put them behind bars, but they will be released in a day or two, and the same dacoits will make our lives miserable and kill our family members based on enmity.


Kya matlab? (What do you mean?)


For e.g. yesterday two young boys in their early twenties tried to rob a PCO in our locality. They shot the PCO’s owner in the leg, grabbed whatever stash of money they could find and made a run for it.  Our neighbourhood boys saw them leaving, and shot the robbers in the legs, and then grabbed them and beat them. The robbers were then put in a room and bound with rope so they wouldn’t escape and were kicked and slapped and punched. All the time, they kept saying, please do not kill us. Whatever happens – do not kill us. For the sake of Allah and the holy Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him), don’t kill us. We called the police and handed the robbers to them. But somebody ask these robbers, do they think of Allah and the Prophet ( m.b.u.h), when they set out to rob and kill people?

What will happen now? The robbers will inevitably be released owing to their connections and now they will become enemies the PCO man and the youngsters who saved the PCO man? What’s the use?


( quite horrified by then at the incident and the presence of free ammunition.)

It is never ok to kill someone. The law should never be taken in your own hands. The law of the state is an extension of the law of Allah where there is an Islamic country in question. The punishment for theft or robbery in Islam is cutting off one hand for the first offence as per Shariah and three (3) years imprisonment as per the Pakistan Penal Code. So if Allah has specified the hadood (limits), then who are we to be transgressors? It is illegal and immoral to take a life . In Islam , we have been told that taking away the life of one person is like killing the whole of humanity. You must remember that.

By that time I had reached my workplace and our conversation ended. But, the conversation exposed the root causes of vigilante justice and its acceptance. Vigilante justice stems where there has been failure of the government and its security agencies in upholding the law and order of the land.  There is bad governance and the citizens have no confidence or hope that they will be protected by the government . So who should we blame at the end of the day? The government, the courts of law and the security agencies of this country? They are perhaps the true murderers of the two boys in Sialkot.

Is Vigilante Justice justified? What are its effects?

Although the phenomenon of Vigilante Justice has been exhibited in countries such as U.S.A, the U.K, China and South Eastern countries, but Vigilante Justice should never be justified as it carries with it several negative concerns.

The people involved in Vigilante Justice are firstly not qualified members of the judicial community, nor do they have the patience to carry out an investigation , and therefore they may break the law in the course of pursuing “justice” – well so called justice  i.e.

Another problem is that Vigilante Justice leads to further bad governance. Providing suspected criminals with a fair trial and an appropriate sentence is an important part of living in a civilized society, as this ensures that the right person is punished. It is ofcourse arguable that many people are wrongly implicated in crimes in this country as well, but then again that is not a justified rationale behind taking the law in your own hands either.

It is agreed that those who deserve punishment also deserve to pay (lex salica) or receive some kind of harm equal to the harm they have done (lex talionis).  But it is also without argument that lex talionis cannot be uniformly applied to every human harm committed., which is  why there are courts of law to sort out the particulars and differences between a criminal who deliberately commits a crime and an individual who accidentally commits a crime. These courts of law also deliberate on the evidence, motive, intention and facts.  Justice and punishment should NEVER be guided by banal, primitive and barbaric emotions like those of that mob in Sialkot.  Violence breeds further Violence.

The vigilante is not an avenger at all as his focus is only punishment and that too fast track and disproportionate punishment. Were the vicious beatings and on-the-spot executions of the boys befitting an alleged crime?  Is it correct for somebody to take the law in his/her own hands thinking that they are victims and then turning into the victimizers themselves?

And then what happens once they take the law in our own hands? There is a  very strong possibility that such vigilante’s would inevitable become criminal themselves, because they have committed murder and have done something worse than that, rationalized the murder. Therefore, such people may feel that it is justified to go against the rule of law at any point.

Carrying out Vigilante Justice is breaking the law. Since when have humans started justifying humiliation, harassment, and cold blooded murder?  Even if it can be assumed that the boys had for e.g. committed robbery, they should have been handed over the Police. It’s just incredible that the Police in this incident was just as barbaric as the mob and remained silent spectators and at times provided encouragement for further barbarism. So, they were encouraging vigilante justice themselves and hence played a vital role in such brutal lynching.

As I wrote earlier, there has to be proportionate punishment for the crime. Was extreme torture and murder proportionate to an alleged robbery? Certainly not ! Not according to the law of the state, nor according to the Shariah ( Islamic law.) Even if the boys had carried out a murder, the right thing to have been done was to lodge an FIR against the boys, get them arrested, and not become murderers. What has been the outcome? A destruction of so many families – from the victims to the victimizers’ . Who has gained what? There is nothing but loss. A loss of morality.

So, what’s my point?

We don’t need to become super heroes for this or that. We first need to become super heroes for ourselves.  We need to become better human beings. We need to cleanse our souls of all negativity and establish prayer, believe in Allah, help the orphans and the needy, love our parents, practice charity and respect each other irrespective of gender (i.e. not bury women alive or take away their self respect). We will not enforce our views on others, not hurt other human beings irrespective of religion, not tip the scales to our advantage for money, not succumb to greed of power, not lie, not cheat, not backbite and not defraud fellow human beings.  We will instead love and practice patience and forgiveness. We will become better humans.

We vow to never let such a brutal incident re-occur. We will not be part of that crowd. We will not be part of that mob. We will step forward and stop those transgressors who take the law , both of the land and that of Allah, into their own hands. There will no other brutal deaths like those of Muneeb and Mugheez. We will ensure that. InshaAllah. We will insist on a speedy and transparent trial , withholding the rule of law in order to ensure justice for the brothers and their family. But we will not become those barbaric, inhuman animals ourselves. We will be different. We will be better. We shall not be and we are not Vigilantes.

© S.Mirza

31 August 2010

Ps.Please take a look at this petition demanding justice for the brothers sent to me by Youth for Human Rights International and if you agree, sign it.   Go to the link:

Please spread the word and get others to sign as well.


| Do you want to do your part in helping the Pakistani people displaced because of the recent flash flooding? Here is How ! |

“This has been a heart-wrenching day for me. I will never forget the destruction and suffering I have witnessed today. In the past I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this. I’m here to send a message to the world: these unprecedented floods require an unprecedented response. The world must stand with the people of Pakistan.”

– Ban Ki Moon ( General Secretary-United Nations).

Pakistan’s deadliest floods in decades killed more than 1,500 people and overwhelmed government efforts to provide aid, officials and relief workers said.  Government and private relief agencies are managing to provide only 5 percent of what’s required.

The floods, which according to U.K. charity Oxfam may be Pakistan’s worst in 35 years, may cut the production of rice, sugarcane and corn by about 10 percent to 15 percent and have been termed to be worse than the Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti by the United Nations.

It is now up to us to rise to the challenge and support the people who have been displaced from their homes owing to such catastrophic flooding.

Besides sending cash through below mentioned charity organizations, you can support by providing following commodities. Please do not donate old/expired stuff. Make sure edible items are hygienic and properly packed.

* Clothing: Clothes (only shalwar kameez with nara’s/kamarbands/belts) of various sizes,

*Beddings: * Blankets * Bedspreads * Floor mattresses

* Utensils: Jerricans (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids), Crockery, Buckets

* Toiletries: Tissues, Soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), Towels

* Milk: Dry and tetrapak liquid milk for children and families

* High nutrition biscuits

* Dates

* Food packets (tea, sugar, milk powder, vegetable oil, pulses, spices, noodles)

* Mineral water

* Water coolers

* Cooking utensils

* Mosquito nets

* Hygiene Items: Soap * Hand towels * Tooth paste * Female sanitary pads * Diapers

* Washing power and soap *

* Mosquito repellents * Prickly heat powder

* Children anti-rash creams

* Water purification tablets

* Candles and match boxes

* Flashlights * Tents / Shelters

* Foot ware for Children /adults *Chattaiyees / Plastic Mats * Mosquito Nets


1. Water purification tablets.

2. Life saving drugs.

3. Vaccines

4. IV cannulas- most common are 18, 22, and 24- Butterfly cannulas: these are for children

5. IV Drip sets

6. IV drips: normal saline, ringerlactate, haemacelle

7. Local anesthetics (injections)

8. Cotton bandages cotton.

9. Surgical instruments: e.g. needle holders, forceps, tweezers, surgical tapes

10. Suturing materials, Skin staples, absorbing and non absorbing: catgut sutures, vicryl, proline

11. bandages: crepe

12. guaze pads

13. saniplasts

14. folleys catheter and urine bags

15. cotton

16. surgical blades

17.Iv pain killers: diclofenac

18. pyodene solutions are decontamination

19. cough syrups

20. sedatives: xanax, sossegon

21. Antibiotics: oral and IV: most common are augmentin, ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone, zinacef,clafron, penicillin G, ampliclox, oral or IV flagyl syrup, cefspan 24. vaccines: inj TT/ inj ATS, Amoxillin, Augmentine, actified, Keflex, Septran, Zinnat, Velosef

22: Analgesics/Painkillers: Brufen, Voltaren, Panadol Paracetamol, buscopan, adol, Disprin, Septran, Ponstan (TABLETS AND SYRUP)

23. Anti Spasmodic: Buscopan tablet and injection, Scopinal tablet and injection

24. Anti emetics: Primperan, Motilium.

25. Anti Diarrheal: Imodium, Suspension Kaopectate, Flagyl

26. Rehydration Fluids: ORS, Dextrose Saline, Dextrose water, Ringer lactate, Normal saline

30. Eye Ointments: Genticyn eye ointment, Fucithalmic eye gel, Naphcon Eye drops, Optrex eye wash.

32. Topical antibiotic creams: Fucidin, Bactroban cream, Genticyn, Baneotine

33. Typhoid : Antibiotics Ciproflaxacillin, Amoxil, Taravid

34.Cholera: ORS, IV Fluids, rehydration salts, kaptin syrup

35. Anti malarial: Mefloquine, Fansidar, Pyrimethamine, Malarone tablets

36. Glucose /Multivitamins/Cough syrup/tablets

37. Treatment of infection:38. Respiratory tract39. Urinary tract40. Gastroenterities

Following is a list of donation links, NGO’s, relief resources, organizations and individuals working to support flood victims of Pakistan.


The Citizens Foundation:

The Citizens Foundation has a network of 660 school units in 68 towns and cities across Pakistan. Using this network, TCF will be providing 20 million meals as immediate relief to flood affected families. They cannot do this without your support, step forward and show you care.

Visit: for details.

Fakhr Alam personal endeavours with the Army

< Relevant excerpt from an email >

“We must build food cycles, so that a constant supply can be made to the hungry people. You the overseas Pakistanis have to help us build food stocks so that there is no food shortage, and that the profiteers are not allowed to escalate local food prices, which will burden the other 70 percent poor population of Pakistan.

So this is what we need to do:

1. Build food cycles by sending food items to Pakistan. 2. Create shelter by sending all weather tents. 3. Set up medical patrol volunteer teams with plenty of medication. The rehabilitation, reconstruction is a far more daunting task, and it is best left to the government. This is what you have to do: Get a carton box size 15 x 15 x 12. This size has been chosen because it  gives us the optimum volume to weight ratio for our purpose.

Fill it with the following: 1. Two 1.5 liter bottles of water. 2. Two packs of sweet biscuits. 3. 12 packs of 200 ml to 250 ml juices. 4. 6 small packets of potato chips. 5. 2 bars of anti germ soap 6. 1 small bottle of insect repellant. 7. 1 box of dates. 8. 1 box of chocolates. 9. 1 sachet of glucose and vitamin energy mix ( ORS) 10. 1 liter carton of milk.

Pack this with extreme love and care, and take this box to a PIA cargo office. All this cargo will be transported absolutely free of cost on  priority by PIA. As soon as it arrives at an airport in Pakistan. It will be custom cleared on priority and immediately handed over to Pakistan Army and very relevant NGOS like the Red Cross and NCHD.

Note the cargo once on board a PIA flight will reach the affected recipient with 36 hours. Remember the severity and the magnitude is so much that every box counts.  If we can build cycles then nothing like it. But remember requirements will change in the next 30 to 40 days. But the box size will remain the same. Also please send as many all weather tents as you can send. Finally please do not send used clothes.

Do not send irrelevant donations. Most of all NO MONEY. I have set up this system so that every little bit counts. Let’s make it happen. The logistics are there and you know what to do. You will see me on and off on various TV channels. I will update you  all step by step. PIA is our back bone in this operation. If at any stage you have any complains with the PIA people please call Captain Salman on +92-321-2232777. He is the head of the relief operation and our main contact person in PIA for relief. You can reach me on my email ”

MaXimizers Flood Relief Camp

MaXimizers is a youth development and youth training set up, which has been working diligently to inculcate a sense of ownership, self esteem and a spirit of self help and positivity amongst the youth of Pakistan. They are collecting relief goods and medicines for the World Food Programme, Pakistan. I am volunteering for MaXimizers Flood Relief Camp myself.

For further info, visit their event page:

Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited.

KESC, as a socially responsible entity, is starting off a relief drive for the flood victims in Sindh. This campaign will be exclusively managed by KESC, in collaboration with the citizens  of Karachi. Operationally, they are aligning ourselves with the armed forces and Aman Foundation so as to get desired logistics support. They will set up KESC CARE CAMPs (KCCs) that will provide relief and support to thousands of displaced individuals. People will be provided with medical care, tents and all basic necessities like food, water, hygiene and daily usage items at these camps. This is going to be an extensive relief operation fully operated by KESC staff and volunteers of Karachi.  The citizens of Karachi are invited to become part of the relief operation through cash and kind donations and through volunteer work.

Please register yourself as volunteers through sending an email to from Eleander road, Karachi to THE KESC CARE CAMPS will be provided to all volunteers.

This is one of the biggest relief operations undertaken by any corporate entity exclusively, and KESC  counts on active support to MAKE IT A SUCCESS.

Please deposit cash to the following Bank Account :

o   Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank

o  Account Title: KESC Flood Relief Account

o  Account#: 01-1251317-02

Al-Khidmat Foundation:

Donate here:

Help in a Box

Everyday at approximately 3pm, about 200 people, young and old, gather at the Imperial grounds on Main Sh-e-Faisal in Karachi to be part of a human assembly line. Their mission? To pack and ship 100,000 boxes containing immediate nutritional aid, in a systematic and collaborative effort. This chain is made up of 3 different groups:

The feeders, or the guys that stock up the inventory so various stations have enough items that can keep the chain going.

The fillers, or the people who man the stations and have the responsibility of filling in each bag with a specific number of each item and keep the chain moving smoothly.

The chain, or all the people who grab a plastic bag and move around each station to have their bags filled.

And then there are the folders and packers – these are the guys situated at the end of this assembly line who get the filled plastic bags, fold them and pass them onto the packers who tape them and pile them up, ready to be put into boxes.

Volunteers seem enthusiastic and purposeful about giving their time and while some of the items are also donated, others are being purchased at wholesale rates. The systematic human chain circles each station packing bottled water, juices, biscuits, soap, milk, milk powder, matches, toothpaste and dates. With an initial aim to send a hundred thousand boxes of aid by the end of Ramadan, as of this morning, they had delivered 10,000 packs in 1500 boxes to the Pakistan Army.

If you’d like to donate goods, they’re looking for the following items:
1. Powdered Milk
2. Tetra Milk
3. Tetra Juices

If you’d like to dedicate your time, please join the group.

As posted on the Help In A Box Facebook status, “Your contributions have already started making a difference in the lives of many. Lets Keep up the Spirit and Be the Miracle for 20 million. Help Us Help THEM.”

For contributions: Drop by at Imperial Lawn, Karachi, Pakistan
Contact them at: 03362095365;

Karachi Relief Trust:

see website:

Karachi Relief Trust (KRT), is a disaster management organization, comprises of a group of individuals who originally came together to provide relief to those affected by **Cyclone Yemyin** in 2007. KRT is driven by the fundamental belief that each of us can and should make a difference. In 2008, Karachi Relief mobilized its team again to help the victims of the Quetta Earthquake by building shelters for the displaced. Continuing its efforts in 2009, KRT filled the need to provide relief in the form of perishables such as milk for children, and food, to the internally displaced people of **Swabi** in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

For the flood relief currently, KRT is deploying the EPA certified, 99.9% effective (at removing viruses, bacteria and parasites) Life Straw Family Instant Microbial Purifiers to all flood affected regions. KRT will deploy 50,000 purifiers to provide up to 10 million liters of purified drinking water each day.

Karachi Relief, run by Adnan Asdar Ali (Kamran’s brother), an engineer who is working on housing and rehab for displaced people and also, most crucially, water filter units that could save thousands of lives.

Relief goods can be delivered to the following addresses in these cities:

Karachi – Collection Point A

Bar.B.Q Tonight, Com. 5/1, Boating Basin, Block 5, Clifton.

Contact: Moez Premani (+92 343 820 0333)he_skype_highlighting)Karachi –

Collection Point B

Gulistan-e-Anis Club Near Hill Park Roundabout, Shaheed-e-Millat Road.

Contact: Moez Premani (+92 343 820 0333)


Multinet Pakistan60-A Jinnah Avenue (Old USIS Bldg), F-6 Blue Area.

Contact: Fahd Mahbub (+92 345 855 6320

To become a volunteer please contact:

Mr. Salman Ahmed Cell: +92 333 355 7874

Aitemaad Pakistan, headed by Fakhruddin Ebrahim

The people involved in this NGO are Naeem Sadiq, Justice Fakhruddin Ebrahim, his son Zahid Ebrahim, Dr Samrina Hashmi, Dr Sher Shah Syed, Nazim Haji and others. Please spread the word. They are putting together and distributing 24,000 dry ration bags, to provide approximately two million meals (6000 families for 4 weeks). Each bag costs approx Rs.1500 (about US $ 18).

Their target is to collect and distribute 24 thousand dry ration bags, to provide approximately two million meals. (meals for 6000 families for 4 weeks) Each bag consists of Ata 10 kg, cooking oil 1 liters, rice 5 kg, dal 2 kg, tea 1/4 kg, sugar 1 kg, salt 1 packet, chili one packet, powder milk 1 kg, soap 1 piece, match box 1. The cost of each such bag is Rs.1500 approximately.

Donors could either themselves prepare bags with items mentioned above or make a cash or cheque contribution. Those wishing to volunteer their time and services may please contact us at

*Other items that may be donated are, clothing, bed sheets, ‘chatais’ (mattings), hand pumps, mosquito nets and medicine.*

Please send your donations to:

*Bank Account Title: AITEMAAD PAKISTAN TRUST*> *Account #: 0107-036-1914*

* Swift: MEZNPKKA** Meezan Bank, Clifton, Karachi*

* Office and Collection address:*

*43/2/J, Block 6, PECHS, **Karachi**.*

*Contact persons:*

Nazim Haji (0321-8220999)

Zubair Habib (0300-8260409)

Younus Dagha (0300-2021252)

Naeem Sadiq (0333-351-8539)

Nadeem Younas (0321-2526153)

Zahid Ebrahim (0333-2155840)

Fazil Bharucha (0300-8221282)

Shoaib Anwar Ali (0300-2251424)

Dr. Samrina Hashmi PMA (0333 2347623)

Dr. Sher Shah Syed PMA (0333-2156735)


Young doctors are in the process of arranging a series of free medical camps in the flood affected areas. First Camp is at Nowshera.

Please Contact Ms. Alina Akhyar at, who will email you the Trust’s past activities, bank account details and other queries. They have already done some pretty impressive work.

Donate here: Account number: 00400101065364 – account title: Khadija Nadeem- Askari Bank

Chaklala Scheme 3 Branch- Rawalpindi.

LRBT’s Flood medical Relief Programme

LRBT’s expertise is essentially in Ophthalmology, a discipline of health care, they have confined their efforts to Health care and potable drinking water . 7 mobile Medical teams have been deployed and are providing Medical Relief in the flood affected areas in the catchments areas of our hospitals.

They are treating the following diseases:-• Diarrhea• Gastroenteritis• Cholera• Malaria• Vomiting• Skin infections• Respiratory diseases• Eye infections.

They are also supplying tablets to purify drinking water. They will also vaccinate (provided we can get the vaccine which is only prepared by National Institute of Health,Islamabad) the affected to prevent Cholera. Their teams are serving in the areas mentioned below Swat, Nowshera, Mardan, Charsadda, Mianwali, Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh,Kot Mithan, Sukkur, Dadu, Hyderabad, and Nawabshah

Thatta & the Indus delta. Each team consists of one Doctor, two Paramedics, one driver and one cleaner. The deployment of Medical teams commenced on 5th August with the first one starting work in Nowshera, Charsadda & Mardan areas in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa (KP). The remaining 6 were deployed on 13th August. They are mobile and move from camp to camp despite serious communication issues and are examining patients, diagnosing and dispensing medicines. Major problems appear to be diarrhea & gastro-enteric and skin diseases. Water purifying tablets are also being distributed. A number of patients have eye problems ranging from conjunctivitis to cataract. Those patients who require eye surgery are being referred to the nearest LRBT hospital although Eye is not the main focus of their  efforts in the current circumstances.

They have treated 7,133 patients (KP 2,368, Punjab 2,183, Sindh 2,355) until 15th August and the work is continuing. To put our effort in context in Khyber Pakthunkhwa the medical teams of the Pakistan Army have treated 2000 patients according to media reports.

Donate here:

Edhi Foundation:

Donate here:

Sarhad Rural Support Programme

Concerned citizens based in Lahore are collecting relief items for the Sarhad Rural Support Programme, the largest NGO in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. SRSP’s experience and size make it the most suitable choice for donations at this time. They are a part of the Rural Support Programmes Network (, founded by Shoaib Sultan Khan, who was nominated for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (along with President Obama and others).People may make donations directly to SRSP, write crossed cheques to us in favor of SRSP or donate relief goods directly to them (which will then be loaded on to trucks headed for SRSP warehouses in Peshawar. People are also welcome to join in the effort of loading the trucks and actually making the trip to the affected areas to see the profound difference their generosity makes in the lives of so many. This organization is not encouraging checks but requesting to please donate RELIEF GOODS. They already have a number of cheques that will be cashed by the Sarhad Rural Support Programme in Peshawar. Peshawar might experience a shortage of goods, which, coupled with the high demand, might lead to hiked prices. It’s best if we buy relief goods now, from Lahore, and send those over.

The link to their Facebook page is :

Contact: Umar Agha. Cell: 0321 842-2425 and email:

Fauji Fertilizer Company’s Employees Flood Relief Camp

Fauji Fertilizer Company’s employees have set up a camp for approx. 500 flood victims of District Rahim Yar Khan, Sadikabad Region. Donations would be highly appreciated. Account # 1490 000 4479 3 01 FF Factory Branch, HBL. Website:

Mission Rescue Pakistan.

MRP Aid for Flood Victims will be leaving on Monday, August 16th 2010 to Mardan. Food Items and Medicines are requested. Team MRP, most likely will be setting up the Relief Camp on Park Towers on coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You may drop the items at MRP Office or call them on following numbers :

Contact Numbers:

MRP Office: +92 21 35240164 & 35842066

Fawwad Afridi: +92 321 2437256

Arshad Khan: +92 321 8227388

Talha Rehman: +92 321 2007664

Ali Rao: +92 321 8972727

Ashraf Kalim: +92 300 9273705


Szabist Sports Society and Roteract Midcity, Karachi

SZABIST Sports Society and Roteract Club of Karachi MidCity have taken the step to organize a collection camp for flood relief. It starts from tomorrow, 4th August, till the end of the month.


Maymar Trust

To donate a ( 10 x 10) tent for a family: Rs. 12,000

A huge tent ( 14 x 14) for a few families: Rs. 5,000

A tent for a mosque ( 30 x 30) : Rs. 30,000

Gas Cylinder: Rs. 900

Generator: Rs. 80,000

Food: 8,000/-for one month

Medical Supplies: Rs.20 to 25,000/- ( for one day )

Beds and bedding: 300 per bed

Plastic Tirpal ( shade)( 4 x6) : Rs.900/-

Donate here:

Account Title: Muhammad Faisal

A/c No: 011802008000265

Meezan Bank/ Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi.


A/C Title: Tariq Manzoor


Muslim Commercial Bank

Branch Code: 1555

Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation

see: is the information required to make a donation:

Title of Account: Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation

Account #: 0030445261000455

Name of Bank: MCB Bank (1028),

Super Market, Islamabad-Pakistan


Tax Exemption: 6043/ATD/2008-09


Donate here:

Pakistan Red Crescent Society:

PRCS has offices in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Muzaffarabad.

Please see:

Torque/ School of Leadership

They are collecting clothes for flood victims. Please drop them at SoL office (in Clifton behind Aga’s Super Market).

They are also looking for volunteers who can help in relief camps in Karachi. You can register as a volunteer here:

Address: Business Executive Center, F-17, Block 8, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: (92-21) 353 73946, 3537 7251-2Fax: (92-21) 353 73947


An independent group of students:


The Volunteers/ Voice of the Civil Society:

VOTCS with the help of our Pak Army jawans will be sending Provisions to the affected. VOTCS is now a registered (No. DSW 3369-K) welfare organization in Pakistan, and is operating as a Non-Profit, Public Charity in the North America, Inc. – 501(C)(3) Organization (Tax Exempted).


For more info call:

Hadia khan@03018245999

Sadia Haroon@03218251122

Irum Farooque@03002332142

Samina Punjwani@ 786-367-6559 Miami Florida

Pakistan Rising

Pakistan Rising has identified basic needs for flood victims in Mardan, Charsadda, Dir and Swat. The situation is dire with some people resorting to eating leaves and drinking rain water. The immediate need is for food and water. Please enable them to help out by giving in cash or kind. They aim to send the relief out in a couple of days.

Pakistan Rising has 500 families in district Rahimyar Khan in immediate need of food relief. They r being rescued by launches all morning. They need 4 lakhs to feed them. Please donate in cash or kind, or contact them to send food trucks you may be in charge of.

Account details:

Account name: Pak Rising (please note the account name is Pak Rising)

Account #: 20311-714-179297

Bank: Habib Metropolitan bank Ltd.

From any city you can put it in any Habib Metropolitan bank branch. Just please note that if it’s a check, the name has to be Pak Rising.


I Own Pakistan and the Peoples Action Movement

I Own Pakistan group has joined hand with Peoples Action Movement & have logistics & Distribution support with Rangers, who have given  them facilities for camps, arranging goods, packing & also give secure distribution setup. People can deliver goods on these camps and/or accompany the group with their drive.

Karachi Camps

A1 Chowk Shah Faisal Colony

KPT Bridge Qayyumabad Korangi Town

Malir Halt Bus Stop

Al Asif Square

Sabzi Mandi (new) 0305-3732943

Gulshan e Hadeed Bin Qasim Town

Dawood Chowrangi Landhi

Babar Market Landhi

Hamama Centre University Road Gulshan e Iqbal

Urdu Wafaqi University Gate G

24 Market Saeedabad Baldia Town

Sec 9, Market, Saeedabad Baldia Town

Dakkhan Chowrangi Liaqatabad

Water Pump Chowrangi Gulberg Town

Hyderi Market

Khilafat Chowk

Islam Chowk

Charai stop

Disco More

Nusrat Bhutto More

KDA More

Panjab Chowrangi Clifton

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar Chowrangi Clifton

Khayaban e Shahbaz Commercial Market DHA

Main Khayaban e ittehad near PSO Pump DHA

Expo Centre NIPA

Awami Markaz Shahrah e Faisal

Jinnah Courts Rangers Headquarter Near PC hotel

Liberty Chowk Tariq Road

Community Centre Mahmoodabad

Habib bank Plaza II Chundrigar road

Empress Market Saddar

New MA Jinnah Road Near UBL

Near Quetta Shinwari Hotel Maripur Road

Hyderabad Camps
T Junction Pathan Colongy Hyderabad City
Hyder Chowk Hyderabad
Polytechnical college Hyderabad City
6 Chowk latifabad Hyderabad

Tharparker/Nangar Parker District
Nangar Parker 0345-3448325
Islam Kot 0232-311483
Diplo 0342-3178805
Mithi 0232-261260

Badin District
Shahnawaz Chowk Badin 0302-2531305

Nawabshah District
Sakrand 0244-274178
Ghazi Khan Khipro 0346-2447114
Noushehro Feroz 0243-505021

Larkana District
Opposite Chandka Medical college Larkana city 0322-3421588

Jakobabad District
Jamali Wah phatak near district court 0322-3432813

Kharipur District
Marium Top Chowk Khairpur 0300-3458747

Sukkur District
Clock Tower Sukkur city 0331-3162776

Ghotki District
Mirpur Mathelo 0334-7313926
Dharki 0321-3504767
Khanpur Mehr 0322-3171152
Ghotki City 0322-2714847

Pakistan Youth Renaissance’s Flood Relief Project

Find Details here:


Islamic Relief USA:

Donate here:


Donate here:

You can also mail your donations to UNHCR:

UNHCR Private Sector Fundraising Case Postale 2500CH-1211 Genève 2 Depot Switzerland

UNHCR Canada:

UNICEF USA- Donate Here:

United Nations World Food Programme:

Donations are tax deductible for number of countries. Donate here:

Plan International ( Pakistan specific):

IRC (The International Rescue Committee):

donate here:

Islamic Help (England):

You can make a cheque/postal order made payable to ‘Islamic Help’ and send it to:

Islamic Help 19 Ombersley Road Balsall Heath Birmingham B12 8UR

Please do not send cash in the post and please do not forget to write your name and address on a piece of paper.

Bank: You can put money directly in their bank account

Name: Islamic Help Bank: HSBC

Account No: 41687425Sort Code: 40-42-12

If you are in a country other than the UK, you can go into any bank in the world and quote the following International Bank Account:

Number (IBAN) and Branch Identifier Code (BIC)IBAN: GB 72 MIDL 404212 41687425BIC: MIDL GB 2155 G

Muslim Aid (England):

Send a cheque or postal order made payable to ‘Muslim Aid’, together with a note of your name and address to:

Muslim Aid, P O Box 3, London, E1 1WP

Donate directly to their bank account:


To donate in pound sterling £Name of the account: MUSLIM AID-DONATION ACSort code: 30-94-21Account number: 01436818Iban (outside UK): GB25 LOYD 3094 2101 436818

To donate in eurosName of the account: MUSLIM AID- EURO ACSort code: 30-94-21Account number: 86151365Iban (outside UK): GB42 LOYD 3094 2186 151365

To donate in dollars $Name of the account: MUSLIM AID-DOLLAR ACSort code: 30-94-21Account number: 12044226Iban (outside UK): GB75 LOYD 3094 2112 044226

Muslims Hands:

NGO in England. Donate Here:

Save the Children:


Donors in KSA can write a check or make a cash deposit for the KSA govt. official Pakistan flood relief campaign to National Commercial Bank (NCB) account number SA8710000020162400000107. This can be done by phone, through NCB ATMs or through the bank’s

Please confirm this from the bank.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf ( Imran Khan’s Party) is also apparently working in the Middle East to collect donations which can be handed over to the below contacts officially appointed by Middle East Coordinator and PTI’s Central Finance Sec.

UAE Kaleem Ch +971-504538462

UAE Mian Anjum +971-504975974, +971-501817102

Saudi Arabia Fawad Ch. +966-532923300

Saudi Arabia ShahidNiaz +966-532502109

Kuwait Arshad Ch. +965-99230443

Oman Rezwan Aziz +968-99840748

Qatar Tahir Aftab Butt +974-55824475

Qatar Omar Malik Azad +974-66287593

Bahrain Taimoor Ch. +973-36999001


Pakistan Flood Relief-Dubai

event page :

Kabul Wazir Mir, 32, a British Pakistani and the coordinator of the Dubai project, said he and a team of volunteers in the UAE had spent a week assessing the needs of the flood victims before mobilising their efforts. “We were working with NGOs on the ground to find out what they needed most. Then we found a company to work with in Pakistan and finally put out a call for donations and volunteers.” Mr Wazir Mir and three others will follow the donations by plane and then travel over land to Peshawar, where they will coordinate the delivery of aid to people in the Swat Valley, one of the country’s worst affected areas.”We have made sure we scrutinize everything and are completely transparent in how this operation is running. We will make sure it is delivered directly to the people who need it.”

For further details and inquiries, you can contact the following people:

Kabul Wazir 050 351 9776

Ana 050 912 3931

Moe 055 774 0787

The Pakistan Association in Dubai

A camp for the flood victims has been setup in the premises of Pakistan Association Dubai, Pakistani community in the UAE is constantly delivering funds in different shapes such as tin food, dried milk, bed sheets, blankets, clothes, tents, cash and many other necessities of life. From 3rd August 2010 till 17th August 2010 PAD has sent 11 containers to Pakistan and the count has not stopped the 12th one is being readied.

Donate here:

P.O.Box 426, Oud Metha Road, Bur DubaiTel. : +971-4-337-3632, Fax : +971-4-336-4327Email :,

Please share this Blog entry. This is also a way of helping. Please continue praying for Pakistan and these people who have already seen too much of wars in their area and now have had to face such destructive flooding, which has displaced and shattered them for life. Let us introspect and become better human beings. May Allah help us All. Ameen .

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