Purpose of our Existence

guidance of the Quran

Asalam o Alaikum va Rehmatullahe va Barakatuhu,

There was a little impromptu dars ( religious sermon) at my place today which turned out to be very inspirational. The esteemed muqarar asked us to ponder over the requirements of our existence. She said that there are some people who proclaim that if a woman prays and takes care of her husband and her children, then she can easily go to heaven. She asked us if that appears logical?

No. A human has the power to think and therefore his purpose is to live life according to the commandments of Allah subhana wa ta Allah. For eg. a washing machine has the purpose of washing clothes. You cannot wash carpets in it. Isi tarha when you deviate from the purpose of your life, your life has no stability.

Such a life is also useless for the hereafter. For eg. if there is a table, and two of its legs and some glass breaks and you take it to the carpenter for fixing, but the carpenter instead is of the opinion that fixing it will cost you as much as buying the same table again. Logically, you would decide to chuck the table because its useless for you now and would rather invest in a new one. Similarly, if you spend your life disobeying Allah and deviating from sirat ul mustaqeem, then your life spent in this temporary world is utterly useless and without direction.

So then how do we spend our time here, when in Surah Muminoon , it has been specified that we will be asked , how did we spend our life, especially our youth? will we then say we didn’t realise what was happening, we were busy, we were looking after the kids and the like? will excuses work? they will not. Then how should we live our lives? The answer is simple- by moulding our lives according to the Quran and Sunnah.

She also gave the example of a wedding, where everybody is dressed up and wanting to look their best.In such an event, usually when people spot the movie man, they sit upright, they ask others:i hope the kohl in my eye is not smeared.. Do i need to touch up on my lipstick? you self consciously move your hands through your hair and the like. Why do people do that? they do so because they know that there image would be captured on film. Drawing an analogy, she brought attention to the fact that our entire life is being recorded as well. She mentioned some latest scientific discovery, that the cells on our arms are always actually seeping in whatever we say or do or experience. so inevitably, our body will speak for itself as to what, when, where and how we did something good or bad. Then why are we not conscious about this life recording, especially when we know that it is going to be presented to the supreme Creator, Allah Subhana wa ta Allah?

She very rightly pointed out that if we can spend 22 years of our lives studying for a master degree and read 16 books for double math exams , then why can we not focus and also read and understand just one book- the HOLY QURAN.

We will also be asked as to how did we impart our knowledge? Does the knowledge being referred to here is the dunyawi taleem (wordly education.)? No. It refers to learnings from the Quran and Sunnah and whether we imparted its knowledge to others.

She mentioned an Ahadith (and i forgot the reference) that the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) told a sahaba that of you go to the Masjid and learn and then teach even if only two Ayahs of the Quran, then it is better and more afzal than a hundred nafli ibadaat. she also paid emphasis on the importance of ijtimayi ibadat in Islam as opposed to infradi ibadat.

She also pointed out that usually people give very little in the way of Allah. If somebody for eg. has PKR 105, and someone asks for sadqa, then most people (not all) would give the 5 rs. for sadqa and keep the 100 rs. for themselves. The point she was trying to make was that when rizq comes from Allah, then He will ask you how much was spent in HIS way. Even with respect to the food you eat, you will be asked, where did you use the energy you derived from it? Did you use it to do things specified to be unIslamic, wrong and/or sinful and whether those energies were spent for the good?

She said that alongwith giving money for the needy, money should also be spent to impart knowledge for eg. giving money for the construction of a mosque or getting islamic books published and distributing them because these things will inevitably become your sadqa e jariya. :)

She advocated that life in this world should be spent as if you were a traveler with zero expectations from people. you should only have expectations from Allah. Medan e Hashr meine wo saray log whom you cry and die for today, will disown you and will only care for themselves. We have been told this by Allah so this is not wrong or untrue, then why link expectations with people at all? The best thing is Allah tawakkal. Follow what is stated in the Quran, be loving, take care of needy, orphans and relatives, but only look up to Allah subhana wa ta Allah.

She gave an example that in a world where upon demise of a relative, some people suddenly start using the word, “dead body’ as opposed to what the relatons were before, is it wise to bank any expectations at all?

But love is something which Allah has put in our hearts as well, and that can never be shunned, but love should not be used as an excuse for wrongful actions as well.

The moral of the entire dars was: whatever you do in life, from the minutest of things always do it for Allah’s raza and always question whether He will be happy with your actions. Even a shaheed will be asked, did you die for me, or because you wanted to be called shaheed in this world? A qari will be asked were your recitations for me, or were they because you were proud of your self? If on the bridge of suraq, even the messengers will be asking for Allah’s help, then we really need to set some priorities in our lives and question as to where we are going.

I must however clarify that this is just my understanding, which is prone to be full of mistakes and misunderstanding. Therefore, if any of you, notices something wrong or incorrect, please free to point that out.

May Allah forgive me for any inadvertent mistakes. ameen. summa ameen.

Requesting Prayers,


From a sister, to her brother.

Baji and Abdur Rahman


So i sat wondering the whole night,
of what should i write to you,
i dreamt the perfect line and forgot,
and now again i don’t have a clue.

What can i say to you, my dear brother
how can i express my thoughts?
I just want you to know at this time,
In times if adversity , i have always fought.

As i send my prayers flying to where you are,
i pray for your strength, i pray for your power,
I ask you to remain humble, and seek the Light,
You are my fighter, and i want you to fight.

And when the pain gets bothersome, i’ll be holding your hand,
And i shall beseech the mercy that HE has over water and land,
And all your pain, into courage i shall burn,
You will find me smiling brightly when you return,(Insha Allah).

Know, if Allah gives a burden, HE also makes it lighter,
you have to strive and fight, You are my Fighter.

-Baji loves you. Fee Aman Allah.

Till, i see you again. Insha Allah sooner than soon.

-25 February 2009



So i sat wondering the whole day,
of what i wanted to say to you,
I dreamt the perfect line and forgot,
and now again i don’t have a clue.

What can i say to you, my dear brother
how can i express my scattered thoughts?
I just want you to know that always and forever
Your wellbeing and happiness, i have always sought.

As i send my prayers flying to where you are,
I also pray for our parent’s strength and their power,
I ask for Allah’s guidance to help us seek patience and light
We wrong ourselves,Allah is always right.

Don’t worry when our parents miss you, i’ll be holding their hand,
And i shall beseech the mercy that HE has over water and land,
And all uncertainties into courage i shall burn,
You will find me smiling brightly when your memories return.

I Know, if Allah gives a burden, HE also makes it lighter,
Baji has to strive and be strong, She is your fighter.

-Baji loves you and misses you so much. Fee Aman Allah.

Till, i see you again. Insha Allah.

A sister.
8 September 2009

Innalilahe va Ina Ilaihe Raji oon.

(Verily to Allah belongs all that He takes and all that He grants and to Him returns everything at an appointed time.)

This eighth (8th) of September, Abdur Rahman would have turned twenty two (22) years of age. But Allah Subhana wa ta Allah, we are sure has better and bigger plans for Abdur Rahman’s wellbeing. Those who knew, met or even spoke to Abdur Rahman, even if briefly, can never forget his resilience, his courage, his positive attitude towards life, faith in Allah ,love for family and his yearning to help people in any way he possibly could. Please recite a prayer for my dear departed brother, Abdur Rahman.May he be embraced by Jannat ul Firdous and may his resting place be a garden of the many Jannahs. Ameen. Summa ameen. JazakAllahu Khairan Katheeran.



Rain dance and Rain tears


Swimming in the expanse of the blue surreal body,
I was the one, i was the grand ocean,
I rose and fell with the swirling waves,
Passing through currents, going through the motions.

My thoughts were large and i was unique,
I carried the life, my actions fashionably risque,
I did not realise that i was small,
Until the fateful day, when i took the fall.

The blueness gurgled me from its belly,
And i surged towards the silver surface,
Attracted by warmth and silver light,
My soul began burning as if in a furnace.

Such pain and ecstasy, as i split like star dust,
Such fear and intimacy, yet embrace i must,
I floated as unseen steam, i scattered away,
My loftiness shattered, for redemption i prayed.

I floated away towards the magnetic pull of the cloud
Was this my end? Was this my shroud?
My self esteem dissipated, no longer i was proud,
I was left with my silence within the growing crowd.

Pushed down by new visitors, within my identity i drowned,
I contemplated my naivity, the thought of smallness did hound,
But i learnt to adjust, and i explored the new abode,
I suffocated, and worse, i knew i was the load.

I was constrained, i could not breathe,
I wanted closure, the end i needed to meet,
I sensed the cloud’s mood change to the dark,
There was anxiety within, was this the last mark?

And then the blanket tore, and i was shoved outside,
powerless in the atmosphere, nature’s will i had to abide,
But something was different, my spirit was not enchained,
I was dancing deleriously, i was the rain.

I fell on the parched earth,
With passion i was embraced,
There was sweet perfume emenating from us,
And the secret of life in our existence laced..

And as i dissipated, i realised with certainty this sweet tasting pain,
From raindance, to rain tears, i will awaken to raindance again.

© S. Mirza

6 September 09
21:23 pm. Sunday.


Lone Tree

Dull ache
Like fists pounding my temple
Urging me to wake up
Fight, breathe, rebel
And claim what is mine.

I remain

Swimming in the abyss
of unanswered questions
unheard screams
unwept tears
unrealized dreams..

I do not want happiness
Just peace
And calm
Broken by intermittent laughter
As a confirmation of living
When Dead.

My verses do not rhyme
My footsteps, unbalanced
My thoughts, galloping
My words not catching up…

And a sea of sadness
Mixed in my existence
Like sugar being mixed in coffee
By a perfectly manicured hand

And I think
I shall remain
In the realm of Nothingness.

© S.Mirza

12:42 pm
10 August 09