Rab dilan vich rehnda..

It is very easy to hurt someone and say sorry. It is even easier to justify your actions. It is infact easier to do things behind people’s back even with the knowledge that once they find out they will be crushed. Easy to have the audacity to justify the BIG mistakes that you have done and blame it on another. Easy to pick on something very little and make it very big when it comes to another person without looking at your own short comings.

The bigger, better person always forgives but does he/she forget and does he/she stop hurting?  Serious questions which none of us want to answer.

Life is easier to live and your conscience will be clear once you understand this verse by Bulleh Shah:

Masjid dha de, mandir dha de, dha de jo kucch dainda ,

par kisi da dil na dhanwein, Rab dilan vich rehnda.. 

( Tear down the Mosque, tear down the temple, tear down every thing in sight,

But don’t (tear down) break anyone’s heart.. because in the heart God resides.. )

Once you understand this verse, you would know that hurting or breaking the heart of even your worst enemy is a sin in itself.



April 18th, 2012


No Hell , No Paradise.

~ Na tarsam z’aatishe dozakh, na parvaah-e jana’n daaram
Manam shoreeda-e janaan, na khwaahum hoor-o-ghilmaan ra
~ Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar ~
I don’t fear the fires of hell, nor do I hunger after paradise
I am enraptured by my beloved, what do I care for houris and slaves in paradise?
~ Translation by Musab Bin Noor ~

The Reed and the Flute

Mawlana Rumi,the great poet of Persia, says :

The pains and sorrows, the soul experiences through life are like
holes made in a reed flute, and it is by making these holes that a
player makes the flute out of a reed.

This means that the heart of man is first a reed and the sufferings and
pains it goes through make it a flute which can then be used by God as
the instrument for the music that He constantly wishes to produce.

But as every reed is not a flute, so every heart is not His instrument.


Rumi Roams

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and  right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase, “each other” doesn’t make any sense.”

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.