Tongue In Cheek. (=

To the one who led her on

Not once, but strangely twice

Why did he incessantly haggle

When he couldn’t pay the price?

Oh that shallow, tragic, seeker

Of a perfection that does not exist

Did he forget to gaze at his faults?

Is it just his grandeur, he can subsist?

Maybe he should have pondered

Before jumping in like a fool

Think and think hard, before you act

Was this not taught in school?

If the self was a fish

It would swim in its own sea

It would be the only king

And be all that it can be.

But the world isn’t his sole realm

And let us thank God for that

It doesn’t end where his footsteps stop

And she is not at the mercy of his jest’ at

He of course would disagree

His intentions were never wrong

Maybe he could have checked himself then

Before coming on too stupidly strong.

Anyway, it was all for the very better

To think what a horrible mistake she could have made

So relieved to see the not so bad reality for once

Why compromise for jam, when you want marmalade?  ;)


©  S.Mirza

21 October 2010


Empty Handed


She usually finds her hands empty and then makes a list of all  all she has held

and dropped..

and all that was handed to her and all that she handed across..

and despite all she has and all that she had..

her hands are still empty…




| Listen, dear heart. |


Someone should tell the heart to give up

The battle ended before it even begun

Lines have already been drawn

White flags hung out to dry


Someone should tell the heart

Destiny cannot be averted

You tried switching the scroll

Piercing the lines of your hands


But here you are

standing in the same place

saying the same words

feeling the same pain

Smiling the same smile

wiping the same bitter sweet tears

dreaming the same elusive dreams


You will walk on the same path

jump over the same old fence

Breathe in the familiar

scent of grass wet with dew

smile wistfully at the orange glow

crunch the same autumn under your shoes

wrap the same scarf

entwine the same gloved fists

Dream the same elusive dream




and fear


being left alone..


catch the breath in your dry throat

hear the heart gallop miles per second


Someone should tell the heart

to not make itself bleed

to not try to

foolishly avoid the inevitable

to not run away

you will look back..


Someone should tell the heart

where the souls are connected

letting go

would render you incomplete

living alone is not an option

and if it is made a choice

you will be one of those ghosts

who did not listen to their




©  S.Mirza

9:24 p.m

16 October 2010


The Reed and the Flute

Mawlana Rumi,the great poet of Persia, says :

The pains and sorrows, the soul experiences through life are like
holes made in a reed flute, and it is by making these holes that a
player makes the flute out of a reed.

This means that the heart of man is first a reed and the sufferings and
pains it goes through make it a flute which can then be used by God as
the instrument for the music that He constantly wishes to produce.

But as every reed is not a flute, so every heart is not His instrument.



Issues are as big or small as our minds make them.

Sometimes, when your dreams land up in a pile of dust and ashes at your feet,  you are forced to be optimistic, as there is no other option.

And when that happens, any other issue in life – infact everything else seems simpler in comparison.