Do you have egg and bread in the fridge?

I just had to share the niftiest egg and bread halwa recipe that I learned from my mum last night. As it happens, dad had some unpredictable guests ringing the door bell late last night and the kitchen was bare of cookies, nimko or even frozen items which could be fried and served to the guests. With my brothers away from home at that particular moment in time, we faced the predicament of what exactly to serve the guests. Me, being me suggested that we should just make some cardamom tea given the paucity of snacks in the house.

But ammi being the super mum, opened the door of the refrigerator  and took out 4 to 5 eggs and some bread. Oil was heated in a pan and the egg yolks and whites were rigorously stirred whilst at the same time, 2 fistfuls ( yep!) of sugar were dumped in. The bread was broken into many pieces and the crumbles were then added to the egg mixture. Add maybe a table spoon of milk (not more) and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. Taste some to see if more sugar is needed. If not, throw in a few almonds, stir the halwa a bit more so the almonds too get their share of the oil massage and voila. You are done.

This takes maybe 10 minutes and best served hot with some piping hot tea.

I love it and I love my momma. :)