Fly away little birdie

Release negativity. Release frustrations. Release hurt and anger. Release sadness. Let go off the pointless drama and the people who create it, as i read some where.  Forgive and move on. We are on a journey. Every person we meet teaches us a lesson and makes us stronger and better. Question whether reacting on one teeny bad thing can upset you for aeons as a consequence. Be wiser. Forget the bad and focus only on the good. Don’t wish bad for anyone. Don’t wish that they get stuck in a deep dark place. What kind of person would that make you? Someone similar wouldn’t it? So, all i am saying is- Don’t let negative emotions steal your right to smile. After all life is too short to be anything be happy. :) Don’t let negative emotions cage your soul. Fly away little birdie. Fly. :) *YaY*



Odes of Lost Love

Disclaimer: These beautiful verses have not been written by me. This picture is of  the Night sky at a lake in West Virginia and again has not been taken by me. :)


Anger and frustration are two emotions that suck the ” good life” feeling off you. And they ruined the mood today.

I have lately been made to feel very inadequate.

If told to recite the urdu alphabet, there are high chances that i will miss the laam, the fey and the qaaf.

I do not know all the Surahs in the last chapter of the Quran.

I mispronounce Urdu words.  I cannot understand whether “call aata hai” or “call aati hai.” I use both genders for incoming calls depending on my mood.

So yeah, not good. Self Esteem has been pretty low. I feel defensive but i am not showing it. I am feeling angry but i am pushing it down. This gave me a head ache today.

I have been writing down the Urdu alphabet to check myself.

I am attempting memorising some of the Surahs and it is painfully slow.

I am speaking very slowly and taking out each word with the right pronunciation. However, there are times i stumble when speaking fast and with emotion.

Nope, i am not feeling very confident any more.