They asked me Questions.

Something very strange happened. An English  news blog called the, “The Pakistani Spectator” requested me for a written interview.

Apparently, they liked my blog ; which as you know  is not popular and hardly gets any hits or regular comments. So i guess i am just lucky.

Anyways I agreed ( and why not? ) and to my utter surprise, it got PUBLISHED.  :)  *yay*

You can read the interview here.


10 thoughts on “They asked me Questions.

  1. Quite an interesting read and some really good posts. Thank you for putting my blog on the BlogRoll, really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  2. was trying to find out why would someone out of no where would like my facebook page.

    Glad i did that!!!

    this is how interviews should be answered by ALL… simple yet from the heart

  3. The author dealt with several engaging points on this page. I came across this by searching Yahoo and I have to confess that I am currently subscribed for your site, it is extremely fine (;

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