Binni had been working in a well-known organization for a few months now. Binni loved the corporate culture and the facilities that the organization offered its employees. Yes, dissenting employees were present as well, but they are present at even the best of places. Binni knew that if you were intelligent and hard working enough and knew the right people, there were high chances of a promotion.

A few months back, Bongo, a colleague got a super promotion. He was in a position that commanded power and could make the power players of the organization turn docile just to request some time.

Soon after the promotion, Binni started noticing that Bongo had started taking himself too seriously. He had developed airs about himself and felt that he judged everybody. Sometimes he didn’t even smile. She could hear him arguing at times or just being over efficient. It was pissing some people off and annoying others. But none of the lesser employees were in a position to point it out.

One day when Bongo was away, Binni walked up to Babacha who sat near Bongo and started chatting. 

“What’s the deal with Bongo?”, Binni asked.

“He looks so stressed. Is it the new promotion and its role?”

and then just for fun Binni added, “Or is it the wife and kid”?

“But the baby is barely a year old, so can’t be the baby”, she mused aloud.

“He is stressed.. but not because of the job. It’s the child”, Babacha said.

“Oh, is the baby unwell?”, Binni questioned.

“They just found out that the baby may be a special child”, Babacha clarified.


Binni’s brain froze and for a moment it felt like her soul had stepped out of the body and then entered back.

Binni felt ashamed for judging Bongo so harshly. Binni’s family had a couple of special children mainly because of a pro-longed practice of marrying first cousins.

“Did he marry his first cousin?”, Binni asked.

“Yes!”, Babacha clarified.

After a deep thought, Binni requested Babacha to never mention this to Binni again. Technically, Binni reasoned, Bongo would not want others to know so Binni would like to pretend that she didn’t.

Later, at the workstation, Binni had a series of troubled thoughts to reconcile with. Binni was not happy for judging Bongo so unfavourably. This little episode made Binni understand with even more clarity that people should not be judged by their outward appearances and actions.

We all have a story. We all have our set of problems. No one really knows what issues the other person is facing and what circumstances they are going through.

Some of us have the ability to smile through life’s hardships and some of us don’t. Not all of us know how to deal with events that almost derail our sanity. A lot of us just struggle.

Binni knew how Bongo must feel that the weight of the entire world had descended on his shoulders.  Bongo probably felt angry with the entire human race. And who could blame Bongo?

Binni’s own uncle had a child with downs syndrome. An aunt had a girl who was a special child too. One of her mother’s cousins was special too and needed care until he eventually passed away a few years ago. He was in his forties at that time.

Yes, Binni understood. Binni saw. Binni was ashamed.

As for Bongo, may Allah help him and his wife and may his child be a source of peace, contentment, immense happiness, pride and Sadqa-e-Jariyah for them. Ameen.



This is a fictional piece of work.

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