Why so emotional?

Some times you love so hard, so fiercely, so much that your heart can almost burst with emotion.



Rameyna, Raymond and Roman. :P

So today i will write about Rameyna. Notice the weird spelling? I mean it could just be spelled Ramina, right? Anyway , so Rameyna unfortunately fell in love with a douche bag. He wasn’t that bad though. Some complexes had developed. A wee bit of insecurities. He was  a regular flirt too . He couldn’t really help it as it was like second nature, if you know what i mean. But for him, girls came and went ( come or go?), but Rameyna was the constant stabilizer. The grounding factor. The constant. Until, she had enough.

She walked out. I mean she deserved better. Even she knew that. He was lucky to have her and she really was not going to be taken as a  door mat or have her self respect trampled on.

The guy, lets call him umm… Raymond. :) ( Oh come on, it’s not a very inspiring or imaginative tale, is it?) Well, he was given a major reality check. I mean the best thing that ever happened to him decided to bid adieu. He panicked and begged and pleaded, but it it was to no avail as they say.

Anyhow, so Rameyna had never felt happier, stronger or better. She felt free and empowered and her mind and heart were at ease. At that particular point in time, she met a guy. Let’s call him Roman. ( yeah, you’re hating this already, aren’t you?) :p So Roman was like up there. He had a stable job. He was sweet.  A bit nerdy but willing to take risks and chances. She liked him. A lot. A whole lot actually. And guess what? He asked her out. She wanted to jump with joy and say, “yes, please”.

But in all her morality and ethic binded brain, she said, “umm… i like you too. in fact, i am falling for you super fast,  BUT relationships are based on honesty and i want you to know that i was in a relationship before…”.

The awesome Mr. Roman ran as fast as he could, whilst telling her that they should take it extremely slow as in a step in a year and if after a year, they were both still single, they should see how things go.


Rameyna never responded to his kick in her stomach. In truth, she felt degraded and made to feel like a whore. This Roman not only hurt her ego but walked all over her self respect too. Even Raymond was better than that. She cried like a baby to be honest. She felt completely insulted and a bit led on. Being dumped was not the issue. The issue was how this not so awesome anymore Roman made her feel like utter filth lying on the street when just a few days before, he called her “perfect for him”.

Hmm. Maybe that was the first warning. I mean the narcissist thought that she was perfect for him, but never wondered if he was perfect for her.

Dang it!

That was some seriously unsettling time for Rameyna.

So how do you think Rameyna is doing now? Well, to be honest i haven’t met her in a while and i have no clue as to where she is and what she is doing. I was just hearing some gossip and now you probably think very low of me.

BUT, one thing i am sure of is that for the longest time Rameyna may have hated men. :P Who could blame her?

Here is a prayer though. I hope Rameyna found peace. I hope she found a man who appreciated her. I hope he made her feel special. She truly was a great gal and i’d personally be disappointed if she has become cynical or settled for something less than her worth.

And with that, i must say goodbye. If you see someone like Rameyna, tell her i said, “Hi” and do tell her that both Raymond and Roman or people like them called different names, definitely did not deserve her.


Cheers. <3 :)




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Cool Mom

So , my mom who does not use the computer and neither does she have a smart phone and has personally never used the internet, was telling me about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Since everything sounded so wonderful, i told her that i would start using it.

“Don’t forget to google the benefits first”, she advised.

Wait, did ammi just tell me to use google? Really. Wow.

My mom is so cool. :)

The Security Guard

Every day when passing through the metal detector at the entrance of my work place, i used to hand over my lappie bag and hand bag ( for further security checking) to a gentle, old man who was working in the premises as a security guard. His chirpy and shafqat bhari ( paternal love imbibed with kindness and compassion), “Assalam o Alaikum betay” (Peace and blessings of Allah be on you, child) was truly the highlight of my morning. He had such a pure and genuine smile that i always responded back with an equally spontaneous,”Wa’alaikumu salaam. Aap Kaisay heine” ( peace and blessings of Allah be on you too. How are you doing today? ).

Then one day , there was a new guard at the entrance. I immediately wondered where the previous grandparenty guard went, but i am ashamed to admit that i did not ask around. 

Today though, i saw him. Just after entering i saw him pass by and i called out to him. “AssalamoAlaikum. Aap keisay heine? Ab aap kahan chalay gayey heine? ” ( Peace and blessings of Allah be on you. How are you? Where have you gone? “

He gave me the familiar shafqat bhari smile and told me that he had resigned and that he is moving to Islamabad with his family. I told him that i was glad for him and that Islamabad is a much safer city. He got into the elevator with me and wished me well and told me that he spent a good time in the building with us. He asked me for prayers and then added, “Bachi-on ki duaein qabool hoti heine” ( prayers of daughters are always heard).

I requested him to remember me in his prayers too. With that, the elevator reached the desired floor. 

“Allah Hafiz”, ( may God be with you) we said to each other.

As i made my way to my workstation, i realised that my eyes were laced with bitter sweet tears. 

Why, you ask?

Because, kindness and compassion are values so dear to me. Because, he asked me to pray for him- as a daughter. Because he gave me the grand parenty smile.

Because- we all need a bit of humanity in this world.

I hope where ever he goes, he finds peace, contentment and success. I hope that his family stays safe and that he faces no hardship, financial or otherwise. That he plays with his grand children and that Allah blesses him with all the true goodness life has to offer. Ameen. Summa Ameen.

Please pray too.