|~ Whirlpool ~ |

|~ Whirlpool ~ |

The henna washed away

into the calm lake

The index finger drew tiny whirlpools

On the blue, opaque surface

Depriving the water of the flesh

Teasing it with the nails

Round and round

The whirlpool forms…

She defied gravity in her mind

And placed her tiny feet over the waters

Closed her eyes

And swayed to the rhythm of the breeze

Sang a swan song

And danced to an ethereal tone

Over water

heels ignoring the salacious tiny waves

embracing the impossible

Round and round

She glided over water

Forming circles with her toes

Wider and smaller

she created a whirlpool around her existence

a whirlpool which arose in a mist

and surrounded her soul

and in a second

she gave in to reality

and drowned

in the whirlpool

she created.

© S.Mirza

15 September 2010


4:52 pm.

( post Eid and present birthday inspiration)