Here’s to the Old Year

What was new this year?
And what has become old?
What resolutions if any?
What will the new year hold?
Useless questions
Meaningless Diversions
Each day, a new beginning
Each bend, a new road.
So here’s to no introspection
And no unnecessary emotional baggage
To living life as it comes
And experiences to behold.
Monday, December 30th, 2013. 

She Saw Her

I saw her walk on thorns
with a kind smile
and sad eyes
I saw her bloodied feet
baby pink polish on the nails
like a dove inside an open cage
refusing to fly away
I saw her.
I saw her today
with her patient smile
and exhausted face
so dark, red and purple
like gallons of tears and cries
pushed inside to hide.
I saw her.
Gulping down self respect
retorts of her educated mind
answers that could turn tables
I saw her choosing
to be belittled and abused
treated like no one had treated her
with the same broken smile
and her kind gestures of love
being discarded fiercely
I saw her
and i wondered
Is it worth it?
Little did i know
Little did i see
that she too wondered
Is it worth it?
© S.Mirza : 4:18 pm on December 17th 2013 
while listening to: Sab Bhula ke- a cover of Call being done foe the Nescafe Basement Show.