Blogging Less

It is amazing that i blog so less. Sooner or later, this may become a dead blog. *Shiver* But hey, if i blog less , it probably means that i am getting over myself. That my selfishness is subsiding. That i don’t need to tell people what I THINK.

Really! :)

That would be such a good feeling. :) To free myself from vice. ;)



9 thoughts on “Blogging Less

  1. I agree in a roundabout way. I don’t blog as much as before either. However I do feel that if I have some goodness to share, I should. For my benefit as well as someone else’s. so the fact that I’m writing and blogging less also worries me a bit…?!? ;)

    • i guess with me i did not always share goodness. i shared all sorts of things and some times i question whether it is even wise to share these things. Recently i was stalked on my blogged by someone who had nothing to say but negative things. Although, i kept about my wits but it made me wonder if it is infact wise to share so much publicly? :)

  2. Blogging can be very scary. I had to stop blogging on my original blog because a family member found out about my identity. It’s not like I had things on my blog that I was ashamed of, but it was a place for me to interact with other sisters and get a fresh perspective on situations in my life. I didn’t want them to know about all that. My new blog is just for fun and won’t have personal things on it! For personal things, I just write to myself now and keep it private.

  3. Have one *Sigh* from my end as well, it’s been ages, I did anything at my end. I think family commitment specially with little one on board takes everything out of you.

    But even two liner will go a long way. I tell it to myself, whenever I look at my list of outstanding things to do :(

      • Thanks, She is now 1.5 yr old now, time is flying by so quickly. And so is my lack of time management. I was seriously thinking of praying for lack of sleep from Allah to do so many things that I have lined up :(

      • Most welcome her name is Khadija. Ameen Summa Ameen . I pray that everyone got this beautiful blessing in their house, and may all be obedient towards their parent.

        One realise after having one, why we misbehaved with our parents.

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