Super Memory, Super Success

Some people work hard, juggle a lot of hats and have a lot of information stored in their brilliant brains. Unlike me.

It’s so interesting to see how these people process information though. The pause, the expression as if you are slowly untangling the web of interlinked thoughts and picking out the one you need. the slow yet brilliant speech then deciphering that thread of thought in a coherent sentence. slight stammer but when delivered, brilliant.

one of the secrets to professional success is a super memory- which i don’t have. 




Self Introspection

So yesterday we visited this burger joint for the first ( and probably last time) in this mall in Karachi. It is supposed to be this world renowned fast food chain. It opened in Karachi quite a few months back and was thronged with people left, right and centre then.

Now i.e. yesterday it was relatively quieter.

You see me and hubby, we are not really into this whole “what’s in, what’s out” thing. We don’t feel excluded if we have not visited any particular restaurant that almost everybody is going to and writing about our experience in a particular facebook group. 

We do not routinely check in our location on facebook either because we are cool like that. To be honest, we are pretty much non nonchalant about this whole facebook checking in places and restaurant gloating shpiel.

The only reason we went to this particular burger place was because it was half empty and personally i wanted some junk food in my system. This post however is not a review of the food. But if you have to know, it was like any other burger. Could be one from McDonald’s -just a bigger size.  Obviously these people disagree and hey, to each their own.

Anyway, somewhere during the meal, i thought, “I wonder how much those guys working in the kitchen earn in a month?”

” Can they afford to bring their family and kids to this place?”

” There are people dying of hunger and i am actually evaluating this burger i am munching?”

” I wonder if they have an all employee family day at this restaurant. Well, if they don’t, they should.”

” Who am i to judge anybody if i chose to munch on this thing?”

” Would my thoughts be different if i actually liked this?”

And then my hypocrisy dawned on me.

I make so many clothes. I buy so many shoes. I don’t really need them. There are people who spend any given year wearing just a pair of shoes. There are people who only own the one item of clothing on their body. And yet, i buy these items, discard them for the under privileged, and buy more clothes and shoes.

Who am i? What do i want? What do i need? Why am i here? 

What am i thinking?

Self righteous woman !