We pretend to be strong, but the truth of the matter is – we so miss you and sometimes we choose sidestepping on the very roads walked with you, because that is our only catharsis.. oblivion


What to do in a Boring Meeting?

boring-meeting1If you are stuck in a really long and boring meeting full of technical jargon, start daydreaming. If it is essential to be focused, start tapping your feet on the ground soundlessly, pretending to dance- ofcourse do that only  if the table is made of teak, and your legs are invisible to everyone else. Start counting the tubelights, or listen intently to your heartbeat if you can.


[ My Shining star in Jannah ( heaven ). ]

I know how it feels when one part of the equation suddenly goes to a better place, and the ones li this temporary world are left behind.

That is  how families are. Families exist, bond and thrive based on an unseen, unfathomable equation. Maybe its the genes in the blood- point is- there is definitely an equation which is always solved and which always makes sense when everybody forming the immediate family exists. Take one variable out of the equation- and the entire equation will never equate, will never sum up, will never be solved and will never be the same. The equation will always be incomplete.

That is how we feel without our Abdur Rahman. There but not there. Completely incomplete.

May Allah Subhana wa Ta Allah  bless you with the best of everything , where ever you are. May you be playing your favourite football in Jannat ul Firdous with much more amazing friends and relatives. Ameen Summa Ameen.

Baji misses you so much , Abdur Rahman. *sending you love and prayers.*


Whats the point of any relationship, if you cannot be dead honest with each other? Why can’t you express things with ease and frankness and be sure that the other person will take it in stride, with the knowledge that he/she has the right to express his/her sentiments exactly the same way as well?