The Lazy Girl Syndrome

There is a blog post I have been meaning to write but I also want to go shopping. There are social commitments over this weekend too. But I want nothing of it. I just want to lie in bed , watch movies, eat chips, almonds and maybe some ice cream later and just sulk, sulk and sulk. Why can’t you guys understand I really don’t want to go out. :/ The only exception I would like to make is going out with immediate family. Now that makes me feel infinitely better. But for now, let me laze and sulk, please.

ps. i am so demotivated and lazy that is a sheer surprise i even wrote this.


Collective Sickness

I wanted to write about the degradation of the collective Pakistani Psyche, but then I would be generalizing. If I am a dissenting member, then I am sure others do exist or at least, I hope.

But then there are several things I do not understand:

(i)                 What kind of self-respecting Pakistani will fill up everybody’s facebook feeds with Veena Malik and her latest antics? Are, our brains slowly reducing to the size of peanuts? Is this all we can think?

(ii)               What kind of shameless Pakistani will send you texts and update their Facebook statuses and behave like twits (reference to tweeting! Sorry, I have no love lost with twitter), wishing death to the country’s President, a human.

For starters, I am not a Zardari fan. As far as I know no one is. But will I wish death to him, even if in the form of a lame joke?  No way! Not to him, not to anyone else. I feel sick at this moral decline.

And when Pakistani blogging pioneers and umm.. “social activists” like Awab Alvi ( who of course screams allegiance to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and whom many youngsters look up to) updates his Facebook page with a below the belt joke about President Zardari and how he wishes that his doctor behaves exactly the same way that Michael Jackson’s doctor did, I almost throw up.

We need to be better than this. I beg of you, my Pakistani brethren. We really should know better. Let our psyche not deteriorate into the gutter. :/

Friday: The Best Day

Abu Hurayrah stated that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:
“The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday. On it Adam was created, on it he was placed in paradise, on it he left paradise, on it he was forgiven, on it he died, and on it the final hour will take place. Every creature on the face of the earth, except Adam’s descendants, awakens on Friday on the lookout fearing the final hour until the sun rises. And there is an hour on Friday in which Allaah will grant anything a believer asks, if he is in formal prayer (salaah) during it.”
Collected by Abu Daawood (Sunan Abu Dawud, vol. 1, p. 269, no. 1041)