Do you have egg and bread in the fridge?

I just had to share the niftiest egg and bread halwa recipe that I learned from my mum last night. As it happens, dad had some unpredictable guests ringing the door bell late last night and the kitchen was bare of cookies, nimko or even frozen items which could be fried and served to the guests. With my brothers away from home at that particular moment in time, we faced the predicament of what exactly to serve the guests. Me, being me suggested that we should just make some cardamom tea given the paucity of snacks in the house.

But ammi being the super mum, opened the door of the refrigerator  and took out 4 to 5 eggs and some bread. Oil was heated in a pan and the egg yolks and whites were rigorously stirred whilst at the same time, 2 fistfuls ( yep!) of sugar were dumped in. The bread was broken into many pieces and the crumbles were then added to the egg mixture. Add maybe a table spoon of milk (not more) and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. Taste some to see if more sugar is needed. If not, throw in a few almonds, stir the halwa a bit more so the almonds too get their share of the oil massage and voila. You are done.

This takes maybe 10 minutes and best served hot with some piping hot tea.

I love it and I love my momma. :)


7 thoughts on “Do you have egg and bread in the fridge?

  1. I wish we live in old times, when cooking were done with grand mothers and mothers not from cook book or television shows but from calling on the telephone and from writing letters and we did this or that.

    I still remember, when my elder sister married back in 90’s and at that time their was no internet email facility and telephone calls were so expensive, my sister used to write long mails to my mom asking something and mom used to write it. lolzzzzzz

    I still have those letters of baji, and believe me it’s nostalgic to read it once in a while, so lovely and beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful sweet dish of your family to all of us. :)

    I will cook it and become an expert, till my zaujaa mohtarmaa arrived to give her as a surprise gift :D

    So your recipe is just in time :)))

    • shukar hei, the internet and phone are here. I mean what if you needed to whisk in something immediately for your in-laws and needed a recipe fast? Or what if there is a disaster in the kitchen and you have no idea how to fix it? :)

      But yes, moms are the best and they are the best teachers for their daughters. However, some daughters are just horrible for e.g. it has been a while and i have still not perfected the roti. :)

      About your zauja mohtaram.. aww.. how shweet. Just remember to serve it piping hot and the rest should be fine. :)

      • To be honest with you, my little sister, had some share of major disaster in the kitchen since child till like 2 years back, so she was banned to going to kitchen like whenever she goes to kitchen some drama comes around of no where.

        I don’t know what is the issue, but everything more often than not, something does happened and sometimes it was hilarious other time a scary call. To name the few like pressure cooker burst up, cockroaches comes out of remote places or mouse or lizard or something bizarre happened :D

        But her issue, she said one day to my mom that you guy dare to come to kitchen, I am going to cook something. Since because of her issue, mom after loads and loads of hesitant allowed it.

        You cannot believe her chicken stake kabab are so tasty that I now usually eating only of her hands, her sweet dishes are now my weakness.

        And she just learned like 2 years or little more year back.

        Before that she hardly can make a tea and nothing else, or yes she can boil water :P :D

        So rest assure you will learn, just need the passion going on, it will come naturally. The secret of cooking is judgmental cooking and not measurement one.

        And about the roti, well I do baking and cooking for a very long time, but when it comes to making roti, I can’t make the round one, and to make that atta is a jinx at my end lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        So share the secret when you do it :D

        Wish you all the best :)

        About zaujaa mautarmaa, well I intend to do downsizing, cost cutting measure and kanjoosi, so I find it’s the cost effective means to have romantic dinner, so why not have a taste of it :P :D


  2. My rotis are not always round, but alhamdulillah they don’t look like maps of Africa any more! It just takes practice, but once you get it’s like riding a bike. I made Roti and even cooked after 6 months of not doing anything. Inshallah it will get better! How are your Rotis now?

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