She and her Vanilla Sky

She can write jumbled yet sorted words
When there is absolutely nothing on her mind
why not, she asks quite cheekily in her way,
in empty corners, precious treasures, she finds.

You see, she does not have words
which compete in grandeur and eloquence
She simply tries to very simply state
Jumbled dreams and incoherent nonsense.

She is not scared of showing her bruised knees
or the scabs which dot her rather lovely heart
Her sad eyes, are infact full of mirth and joy
Her thoughts are whole, despite the assorted parts.

She is wary of drama, and the fashionable depression
Why not glorify laughter for the sake of yourself?
She likes trouble, dead ends, obstacles and turns
Jump, dodge and fight, keep boredom on a shelf.

She believes in goodness, naivety she celebrates
Been stabbed and played, but she still smiles
You cannot tear her optimism or break her dreams
You will still find her humming all the while.

She knows she is helpless, and knows HE pulls the strings
She knows her will maybe can change the scroll
Yet she gets stuck because she does not know to end
The journey on which she has absolutely no control.

So let her touch the imaginary sparkly stars
that twinkle with abandon in her solemn eyes
Let her spirit fly free, embrace candyfloss clouds
Let her take a big bite out of the vanilla sky.

© S.Mirza
24 December 2009 / Thursday
11:40 p.m