Completely ‘Phetted’ the great weather.

So, it rained cats, dogs, swans, turtles and yes, a rainbow too. And thankfully Cyclone Phet spared Karachi.

But despite the great weather, I feel caged. I wanted to run on the beach.

I wanted to dance in the rain.

I wanted to laugh a lot over silly things.

I wanted to dive into that lovely pool and swim a length or two.

I wanted to sit on that swing and aim for the cyclone sky.

I wanted to jump and splosh on all the puddles, under, my umbrella.

I wanted to refresh my soul, if it makes sense to anybody.

I’m thankful for all the blessings I have in my life, AlhamdulilAllah, but, there is a little girl in me to be honest, who just wants to embrace the innocence of nature.

Oh yeah, wouldn’t mind a peck on my cheek and a lovely glass of chilled falsa juice. Hehe.

Because behind all that mature exterior, I am just a six-year-old girl.

If you are  a parent of a six-year-old and didn’t allow your child to do at least one of these things, let me tell you one thing YOU SUCK just as I SUCK for not doing any of the above. We only live once, don’t we?


Traveller of the Sea

Something very silly, but something which made me imagine each and every bit of the experience, as if i felt it.

A sea shell pressed to her ear

She listens to the music of the sea

Swish, swoosh , sway

A mermaid’s lullaby

She feels the warmth of the setting sun

That drowned minutes ago…

We had a conversation

The sun and me.

Giggles of the clown fish

Ghetto of the sharks

Tentacles of the octopus

And moans of a whale.

He showed me all

We travelled awhile

The seahorse and me.

She swims in her mind

Lap after lap

Somersaulting through blue waves

Feeling her lungs stretched..

She found a goldfish

Oblivious to her quest

Victim to short term memory

She closed her eyes

Pretended she was shimmer gold too

Bronze glitter dotting her cheekbones

Fins at her slender back

She was beautiful

As beautiful as the sea

She was there

With the goldfish and me.

As I lost myself

Into the hallucinating glow

Time stood still

The movements slow

Tentacles wrapped themselves

Around my floating body

And the little life line

Was ebbing away..

The whistle of the Delphinus

Beckoned me

And the grip over me released

Slate grey happiness

Lifted me away

Carrying me to a joyride

We laughed and cried

The dolphin and me.

I looked up

To the roof of the sea

The glistening surface

The blanket of twilight

The intoxicating atmosphere

I swam to the surface

We raced

The Dolphin and me.

I tore the seams of the surface

And bathed in silver rain

Bid adieu to underwater life

I floated in peace

Silent and still

We floated into eternity,

We let go of ourselves

And our misery..

We washed our souls

We breathed the night air

We felt the earth move

We were one,

Myself and Me.

© S.Mirza

2:02 p.m

18 January 2010