Fly away little birdie

Release negativity. Release frustrations. Release hurt and anger. Release sadness. Let go off the pointless drama and the people who create it, as i read some where.  Forgive and move on. We are on a journey. Every person we meet teaches us a lesson and makes us stronger and better. Question whether reacting on one teeny bad thing can upset you for aeons as a consequence. Be wiser. Forget the bad and focus only on the good. Don’t wish bad for anyone. Don’t wish that they get stuck in a deep dark place. What kind of person would that make you? Someone similar wouldn’t it? So, all i am saying is- Don’t let negative emotions steal your right to smile. After all life is too short to be anything be happy. :) Don’t let negative emotions cage your soul. Fly away little birdie. Fly. :) *YaY*




She wished that she could translate pain into words. She wished that when two people have been holding hands for so long, they would never let go – but they do. She wished that trust and faith never wavered, but it always does. She wished care, ehsaas and understanding in love remained perpetual, but it does not.

There are no rights. There is no one right and one wrong. There is just sometimes.. the reality. They are drifting towards opposing poles, and looking at each other with sad, melancholy looks and none of them can do anything about it. They all really tried, but then all try , try agains do not result in success. Some tries just fail.

We are failing. Us.

And when both of us are drowning, how can we save each other?