Cool Mom

So , my mom who does not use the computer and neither does she have a smart phone and has personally never used the internet, was telling me about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Since everything sounded so wonderful, i told her that i would start using it.

“Don’t forget to google the benefits first”, she advised.

Wait, did ammi just tell me to use google? Really. Wow.

My mom is so cool. :)


7 thoughts on “Cool Mom

  1. Moms know so much more than this technology we rely on :) I have been using Apple Cider vinegar since 2006 for my stomach and it works, it is good.

      • i use it for acidity, my problem is my stomach doesnt make enough bile to digest..i face lack of acidity and for that apple cider has done wonders ..i was told to cut an apple in half and fill a small jar with apple cider vinegar and throw the apple half in it ..use a teaspoon or two in every meal..i spoon the vinegar in my food and consume ,it doesnt sting my throat that way too. Nowadays i have started half a cup of grape fruit juice, 2 tsp of apple cider and a spoon of honey.mix and take it before every cut down on fat.

  2. I have also used it, after someone send me its benefits. I will share you my research with any vinegar:

    – First don’t use any vinegar which you will find as if it’s clear like water, the more unclear the more natural it is.
    – It’s very difficult to find the vinegar which is unrefined.

    Remember, when they refined it, it kills all the essential ingredient and essence in it, just to look good for the consumer. To do it personally it’s very difficult, I search almost all over the net to make an original apple cider vinegar, but it’s such a long process and pain staking task to make it the way it should be, therefore I decided to instead look for it.

    Overhere, the refined one, was available at SAR 14 max. However, I managed to find one unrefined, it cost me around SAR 50.

    But when I used, for the first time, it’s so soar, that I guess my wife now put almost a quarter of a teaspoon, but still we need to add some sugar, in order to kill it’s bitterness.

    The benefits are substantial, one of the chief benefits, have been said by old historians, apple cider vinegar have been used when soldiers go for war in very far places it’s been used as medicines and as well to recover from shortage of food.

    The most important usage of it, one can will find in the biography of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, where the wife of Nooruddin Sangi, send women to him for his support to fight against the infidels at the time of occupying Palestine. Alongwith it she send horses of bandages dip in Apple Cider Vinegar and mentioned in the letter the whole details of it as the only way to help him.

    So you can imagine the importance of it.

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