Genen and Gaben

Genen and Gaben were species of the Dimwit clan who had known each other forever. Species of the Dimwit clan had three bunny ears, two at each side and one at the back. They liked to adorn the ear at the back with flowers. Their hair, which was wiry, grew in patches. They had the widest eyes with even bigger eyelashes, a small rounded pink nose and thick lips that always appeared to be smiling.

They were small creatures, not reaching above a human’s toe and were shy folks at best.

Most people had never seen them. It is as if they never existed. They resided inside hollow tree barks and behaved a lot like humans even though they did not look like them.


But, I was telling you about Genen and Gaben.

Well, their friendship had survived the test of times. Highs and lows. They had fought over petty things and at one point practically sent friendship to hell and back. But as good friends do, they always found a way to re-bond and be friends again.

However, lately Gaben had assumed a superior role. Whenever, things did not go Gaben’s way, Gaben was ready to huff and puff and walk off. Suddenly friendship had conditions.

Genen was confused. By now Genen had a fair idea of their friendship and knew that going to hell to come back again was not worth it, so Genen, secretly amused, let things pass and took such tantrums in good spirit.


One sunny day when the clouds were floating by in the most poufy and beautiful forms and they were walking along, gazing at the magestic Mount Ablacamba in the back ground, Genen asked, Gaben: “Genen, why did you become my friend?”


“ Because you have always been my friend.”, Gaben replied.


“ But why?” insisted Genen.


“Because there was no one else but you”, said Gaben with a wide smile and walked ahead.

Gaben was happy at the thought that the answer was just right and it made perfect sense.

Genen, however was another story. You see , contrary to popular belief that Genen was a strong individual who seldom shed tears, Genen was infact a very sensitive dimwit.

Genen did not like the answer at all. Genen wanted to be told that Genen was kind, sensitive and any other adjective that made Gaben befriend Genen.


Genen was disappointed but gulped it down. Forward, Genen ran with it’s little toes , until it caught up with Gaben. Giving Gaben a good natured nudge, Genen then started walking at Gaben’s pace.



This is a fictional piece of work.

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