Insecurity at the workplace

An observation after 5 years of work in different companies and hearing colleagues cribbing in various departments having varying roles:


If a boss “accepts” the “track/redline” changes a subordinate made in a document before sending it out across, he/she is insecure and probably not very confident of his/her skills. Point is – it leads to de-motivation and angst in the subordinate.


Strangely, male bosses do the above considerably less than women.


Wonder why is that?,r:11,s:0,i:108&tx=95&ty=95


4 thoughts on “Insecurity at the workplace

  1. hahaa! so stuck with such a “male” boss? Mine used to forget the changes he had asked me to make and later on shout at me for obeying him so well. :P I wonder is it a disease or an intentional habit?

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