Wife and Password

One of my colleagues or rather all of my immediate colleagues sometimes require help when it comes to the internet. Today there was a ‘ Can’t remember my password’ day. So well, I guided my colleague to the “Can’t access account” link, from where we moved onto “resetting the password” and sending the link to re-setting the password to another e-mail address. Now, once upon a time, the colleague decided to punch in his wife’s email address as an alternate email address, which meant that the link to re-set his mail account’s password would go into his wife’s email account.

“Umm… I think I’ll wait a week. My wife is out of town. I think I’ll reset it when she comes back.”
” Can you undo everything?”

Me, amused answer back: “That’s ok! I did not send the request, so there is nothing to be un-done here.”

“Oh good”, the colleague answers with visible relief on his face.

I could not resist and said: “Never make the mistake of sharing your password with your wife?”

The answer: “oh yes!”.

Need I say more?



8 thoughts on “Wife and Password

    • well, there was a phone call and then there was instantaneous link verification and password changing. :) i am not so sure writing these work anecdotes is a good idea. :P

      • nah nah that’s absolutely the best way to laugh. I myself used to write office tales. A boss that seldom smiles was my first post on crazy workplace stuff I guess.

  1. HAHAHA! Oh dear. My friend who got married instantly got access to her husband’s facebook, e-mail and phone and regularly checks them and he checks hers. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but to each their own. The cartoon made me laugh though :).

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