Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mabrook, Ramzan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem to everybody reading this. Say it a million different ways, but the sentiment remains the same, the holy month of Ramadan is here, full of its Blessings. Such a kind, generous month gifted by our Kindest and Loving Creator, Allah. ♥
This Ramadan i wish for peace in our country and in the world, for peace to our Palestinian, Kashmiri, Syrian and Burmese brothers and sisters and all other people in the world fighting their own battles whether on the personal front or to protect their rights.
I pray that our emaan (belief) increases and our taqwa ( God-consciousness) becomes more potent, that we learn to be steadfast in our prayers ( which is sadly a struggle for some of us), that our families come closer in bonding through the Sehars and Iftars, that we take full advantage of the odd nights and Allah bestows us the gift of Laylat-ul-Qadr, that we kill our nafs for the better, that we learn to be more patient and curb our anger and that we become better Muslims and Human Beings.
May we remember the example of the Prophet (saw) and utilize the best of manners when dealing with those who are different from us and may we exemplify the revelation of Allah (swt) in all our daily routines. Ameen. Thumma Ameen.
Here’s to wonderful Sehris, Iftaris, Prayers and Smiles and the hope that we will not lose our cool and temper at people around us and here is to spirituality, remembrance of our Creator, Zakat and taking care of the underprivileged around us. ♥ Please remember me and my family and my late brother, Abdur Rahman in your prayers. ♥ Thank you and God Bless. :)
*Yay* So excited. :)
All my prayers,

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