How Bad Can it Get?

You know things are bad when the most corrupt man in the country becomes the President;
When the Prime Minister is convicted and still continues to hold office;
When the Attorney General behaves like a nutcase;
When the media sells its so called impartiality to money;
When the judiciary has to justify its honourability;
When the army and agencies role is questionable;
When there is near anarchy in provinces;
When the rich get richer,
the poor poorer and the middle class is choked with the burden;
When giving and taking bribe is an accepted norm;
When ghundagardi becomes a sign of influence;
When security is just a dream;
When people use the Quran to wave it at people rather than following it.
Things then are really bad and this seems to be the beginning. Allah help us.


One thought on “How Bad Can it Get?

  1. The president and the PM , and all these people in authority are from among us. It is our face that we see. The wrong -doers should be identified and called wrong. And then we must look within to identify where are we contributing to this reality of ours. We are responsible for all this happening around us. We must repent and make it up.Start close to the home. Walk the talk. But this will change. Insha Allah. Pakistan is preparing to be changed for better.It is always the darkest before dawn. Bohat logoan ki duaaen hain Pakistan k sath,, jo Allah walay hain…..

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