My soul is a dancer

My soul is a dancer. It likes to dance. However, to be fair I do not know the, a, b or c of dancing but dance I must. Whilst sitting at my work station and working as diligently as is possible, my shoulders are moving ever so slightly to the beat of music. It is barely noticeable but it is there.

There are times when passing through an empty corridor or alley; I actually want to break out into a bhangra over the tune of Gal Mithi Mithi Bol in my ears.  I don’t know what is the connection between empty corridors and gal mithi mithi bol, but that is the only song that beats in my ears.

Then there are those tiny atm rooms where I almost always want to do the walk like an Egyptian dance. Hehe.

Ah that takes me conferences, workshops and seminars, where I can not help myself but imagine a flash mob. Now, how would that serious bloke in a tie look if he suddenly broke out into a Michael Jackson move? And hey if you peep under the table, my feet are probably silently doing some dance step.

So yeah although I can’t do those really cool dance moves and have two left feet, but I am pretty sure my soul is a dancer. :)

In fact, i am amazed that I am a lawyer. If you judge me by my blog posts, you would probably never hire me. But who can blame you? :)


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