Battle of the Soups

It is clear i am a different specie when the waiter gives me a choice between  Chicken and Coriander Soup and Spinach and Egg Soup, and whilst everybody else on the table opts for the safe chicken soup, i choose Spinach and Egg. And i am not even vegetarian.

Spinach and Egg Soup

On another tangent the waiter could not pronounce, “coriander” and he was unintentionally put on the spot when someone on the table corrected him ( unintentionally of course). However, in all this unintentional mess, i saw a slight change in the waiter’s expressions.

Why do i have such an urge to correct people’s pronunciations and grammar  Clearly, the waiter was not well-educated and probably he did not have the same exposure as the folks sitting on our table did.  Then why can’t we just sit and be polite?

No! I will never put some one on the spot unintentionally…  at least i hope so.


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Soups

  1. Oooh no! Unintentional or not, no one likes to be corrected. I did this once (unintentionally, and the moment it was out of my mouth, I thought, did I just do that?) to the wife of a friend of my husband’s. To this day she is cool toward me. I truly didn’t mean to do it, but boy did I learn my lesson.

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