Blogger needs your help

Today i reach out to all my wonderful readers. This female janitor/maid in our office is keen to learn how to read and write in order to be able to help her young children study. Her children are currently enrolled in school and she feels that there is only so much assistance she can give to her children with respect to their education.


She wants to learn for her children. She wants to learn how to read and write and is willing to enroll in a school and take lessons.


Do any of you know of any effective adult literacy programmes in the city of Karachi?  Do you know of any non governmental organizations or schools that i can reach out for in this regard?


Your help would be dearly appreciated. God Bless.




6 thoughts on “Blogger needs your help

  1. Hey Salaams!

    Please check out, its an NGO that provides education in many ways. It is run by my aunt Dr Mubina Agboatwalla. Drop her an email if you want to: If you want you could give my reference – your niece Mehmudah Rehman in UAE said that HOPE could help this person..

    Hope this helps!

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