The Lazy Girl Syndrome

There is a blog post I have been meaning to write but I also want to go shopping. There are social commitments over this weekend too. But I want nothing of it. I just want to lie in bed , watch movies, eat chips, almonds and maybe some ice cream later and just sulk, sulk and sulk. Why can’t you guys understand I really don’t want to go out. :/ The only exception I would like to make is going out with immediate family. Now that makes me feel infinitely better. But for now, let me laze and sulk, please.

ps. i am so demotivated and lazy that is a sheer surprise i even wrote this.


9 thoughts on “The Lazy Girl Syndrome

  1. I absolutely second the sentiments expressed here. Everyone should be allowed to sit and read books or eat dry fruit and chatter happily while seated cozy in the blankets. Outing should be briefly out-ruled as a norm during winters.

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