Frustration and Cell Phones

There are days when you do not care how expensive the stupid cell phone is and you just want to throw it on the floor or casually across the table to vent your frustration- even if the phone jacket is delightfully pretty.  :(



12 thoughts on “Frustration and Cell Phones

  1. My pocket, basket, arms, gloves and blah blah is all open to catch the frustration of yours. Would be anxiously and dearly waiting for the throw.

    P.S 1: Before you throw, kindly put the guarantee with it.
    P.S 1.1: What happened?

    • no, thank you. i don’t think bhabi would like that very much. :)
      P.S.1: No, there is no guarantee on it, so i tossed it idly across the table.
      P.S.1.1 Nothing specific. Life is complicated. Shit happens. :)

      • Who said I am going to give your phone to bhabi :P

        I just gave my new mobile to her, got my Galaxy SI snatched in khi then iphone stolen in office :(

        So I am dearly dearly dearly waiting for such frustration to come at my end as a blessing hehehehe.

        P.S: You do remember my birthday or wedding anniversary or blah blah important dates, in case you thought to spend upon poor rich soul for some God forsaken reason :D :D :D

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