Work Blooper

After years of wanting to take a make up class so i too can somehow metamorph my plain jane face into something more umm…. what’s the word, glamorous, i decided to enroll into a “make-up artistry” class. Yes, that’s what it is called.

The next thing i did was to send an email to all the girls i know who may be interested in joining as well. And that is where i faltered. In my excitement, i negligently sent the email to a colleague with whom i usually correspond on a formal and official basis.

Within a few minutes, i received a reply from the same colleague stating the following:

” I hope this mail was not meant for me.”

Oh my God!

By the way did i tell you folks, that the colleague is a “male”,

*Hides crimson face in hands and suppresses embarrassed giggles. *


8 thoughts on “Work Blooper

  1. LOL…i was eating an apple while reading this and started laughing so hard when i read the guy’s answer… :D
    Oh and thanks for dropping by on my blog…much appreciated!! :) :)
    and mashaAllah..ur posts are so concise and to the point…a pleasant read they are..
    .I cant stop short of loong essays!!

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