Of fairy lights and weddings

Bittersweet these weddings are- when you are from the bride’s side and especially when the bride is your sister. You run tirelessly to make everything perfect for her and when it is finally time to say goodbye to her, all those pent up emotions release … sigh. I really miss her. Even though she is in the same city, but she is not home and I am not sharing my room with her. No one to fight with. :( Bitter sweet this shadi business. :)

Dholki: Dance of the candles

Dholki ambience
Glass Bangles: Every colour to your mood
Mehendi: Before the fun began.

Mehendi Shehendi

Wedding: The Horse Carriage

Arrival of Baraat

Enter the Bride’s maids

For better or worse till death do them part.

Good Byes: Woh Chali, woh chali, dekho pyaar ki gali.
Applause: The show was worth it.:)

11 thoughts on “Of fairy lights and weddings

  1. May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah showers abundance of happiness, peace, content, love, respect, bond, blessing, mercy and easiness towards both of them for each other and towards their family. May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah brings the best out of each other for both them and make them an examplery couple for the others to look up towards them. May they both find comfort in each other in thick and thin times, may the smile of each other bring the source of joy and profound happiness which will give comfort to them till they depart, May they both find their true place in Jannatul Firdous holding their hands as well in their beautiful palace and may both the families and close friends be together to enjoy with them forever Ameen Summa Ameen Yaa Rabbil Aalameen Yaa Raheem Yaa Kareem Yaa Ghafoor Yaa Shakoor :)

    • Ameen summa ameen and Jazak Allah to you. :) what a nice dua. Since i know that you also recently tied the knot, please accept my heart felt wishes and dua for both of you, your union, your future lives and wish and pray that it is filled with happiness, contentment and immense love, care and bonding. Ameen.

    • Yes, it was. Mum was telling me yesterday that she saw three trails of black tears ( thanks to the kohl and mascara) flowing freely from my eyes. That must not have been a pretty sight.

      However, it has been two weeks or a wee more by now and we are now beginning to settle in. A big comfort is also when you see your sister MashaAllah happy. That makes you breathe easier. :)

  2. Allah jori salamat rakhein ta qayamat!! Ameen :) I have one baby sister and she was the one to go through this time after i was married off ..and I went to lahore after marriage , she missed me so much , she wrote letters to me frequently :) Bitter Sweet this is..apno se bicharna aur nayee family main jagah banana….

  3. I second you Safire :) I am also having same issues.. my lil sis is heading to her real home now. It is her last month here. I will miss her, although she will be in the same block but that sense of getting separated can’t be filled with a few steps. At times, I want to hug her so tight and cry pretty emotional but family is family. Congratulations to your sister :) May ALLAH bless her with eternal happiness and to you too :)

  4. Thank you Rabia for your post and for sharing the mutual understanding. I always assumed that we were not close as sisters but as the days came closer to bid her goodbye, the situation was very different. From wanting everything to be perfect on her events, to doing her eye make up and breaking down in the process, sobbing and bawling: I am going to miss you. :( I hope your sister’s marriage events go seamlessly and fabulously and that InshaAllah happiness kisses her feet wherever she goes. Ameen.

    • Sumameen thank you so much dear. It seems I am standing in front of a mirror :) . I never really revealed how much I love her and trust me I regret this at times. It’s so difficult to say her I love you :(… Anyway, girls are destined to leave one day or another. Would you mind if I ask you where did you get those pots you used in dholki? They are really pretty I want them too. The mehndi and mayoun setups will be my gift to her. I am working on minute details. Please let me know the place.

      • Ah those, there is a sole shop in Glass Tower, off Teen Talwar which was selling these. Go in the last lane , i think where the Singer shop is and you won’t miss it. They have really nice stuff. :) Also, i have not put all pictures here, but i got these gorgeous floating candles from Pick and Pack ( off the Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazaar) and then put glitter in some water and put in the candles there. You can however get these floating candles from anywhere. Hope you found it helpful.

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