Cuppa tea and Generousity

I firmly believe that some humans are angels. However, this does not mean that they do not have flaws. Just that in a certain moment, they surpass themselves in generosity and kindness and perform an action solely for the well-being of another person, with no ulterior motive and in that one moment and one action, they become angels,  even if it may be short-lived and if the action is so small that it can be easily overlooked.

I did not have time to take breakfast today and walked in the work space with a foreboding that if I do not eat, I may just get the flu allergy I so dread. After debating endlessly on the merits of ordering an omwitch (egg and veg sandwich) from Dunkin Donuts or taking tea on an empty stomach against waiting until 1:00 p.m when I would take lunch, I decided to walk over to the pantry. The pantry attendant was asleep in his chair and I cleared my throat in the slightest of ways. This caught his attention. I asked him if he knew anybody who could get some cookies or biscuits for me. He did. I gave him the required cash and went back to my work station.

All I could think about were the cookies and how I would make some hot tea for myself as soon as they arrived. In around ten minutes, the pantry attendant was standing next to my work station with the cookies on a plate and a cup of hot steaming tea in another. And in that minute, just because he was considerate enough to make tea for me, I hold him in high esteem.


4 thoughts on “Cuppa tea and Generousity

  1. Ever thought of giving due importance and high esteem to people who are there thru thick n thin?
    rather than just one small favor from one stranger taking your thoughts to the point of putting them in words for all..

    Learn to feel the same for those who are there for u.. yet just taken for granted..
    how about you being one of these angels for a change for the same few who silently do much more than uve even thought of.. with no benefit or salary for the ‘job’ well done..

    • Did i just step on your toe? Seems like some personal statements are being made here, in which case, you should have the courage to reveal your identity.

      I am no angel and have not represented to be one. In the same breadth, this blog post certainly does not downplay the loved ones in my life who mean the world to me. Writing about these things in a blog post will not validate my feelings or appreciation for these people.

      Not that you have not made a valid point but it is laden with judgement and bias.

      Thanks for stopping by on my blog though. Cheers,

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