Phase Book (Facebook)


It is only after you de-activate your facebook profile, you realize how addicted you were to it- how browsing on other people’s updates and updating your status had become a tool to validate your being. Tsk. Tsk.

I do not know how long the deactivation will last, but I do know that I am getting more work done with concentration than before, and opting for more constructive activities than checking facebook.

Oh, how social media warps our brains.



9 thoughts on “Phase Book (Facebook)

  1. I 100% agree upon you and couldn’t seconded you more upon it, however, You know how many times I have deactivated at my end lolz, but I guess, the best thing is to adopt the middle path. Don’t let anyone control your thoughts, as soon as something goes above then stop it, whether it’s person or anything else.

    I am looking forward to those beautiful constructive activities and thoughts and would love to know from this platform so that people like me, would be able to wake up from this monotonous life!!!

    Wish you all the best from my side :)

    • i have to be honest- i am working with more concentration than constantly reaching out to my phone and checking facebook. :) No big leaps, just tiny steps. :)

      • That’s excellent, as long as you can pay attention and concentration on your goals, objectives and task. That’s the most important thing.

        But please do share your wonderful thoughts it helps alot in seeing where I stand amongst the crowd

  2. Nothing has power over you, without your consent :) Though this is understandable from a female point of view..sometimes we’re just so NOt in the Mood for such stuff. But then I just disappear from the portal..and re-appear when I wish. Come back Love…Miss you a lot

  3. Social networking sites are all the same in that sense but the problem with deactivating Facebook is you get way more active on twitter and/or blogging sites which in the end cancels out any benefits of deactivating Facebook >.<

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