Tongue In Cheek. (=

To the one who led her on

Not once, but strangely twice

Why did he incessantly haggle

When he couldn’t pay the price?

Oh that shallow, tragic, seeker

Of a perfection that does not exist

Did he forget to gaze at his faults?

Is it just his grandeur, he can subsist?

Maybe he should have pondered

Before jumping in like a fool

Think and think hard, before you act

Was this not taught in school?

If the self was a fish

It would swim in its own sea

It would be the only king

And be all that it can be.

But the world isn’t his sole realm

And let us thank God for that

It doesn’t end where his footsteps stop

And she is not at the mercy of his jest’ at

He of course would disagree

His intentions were never wrong

Maybe he could have checked himself then

Before coming on too stupidly strong.

Anyway, it was all for the very better

To think what a horrible mistake she could have made

So relieved to see the not so bad reality for once

Why compromise for jam, when you want marmalade?  ;)


©  S.Mirza

21 October 2010


4 thoughts on “Tongue In Cheek. (=

  1. Thats so cool. I loved the pic and the end. And I loved, what was in between much more.

    The soft approach, you said it and you did not. A story, a poem, careful choice of words, little bit of philosophy — especially the fish part, its fantastic!

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