| Listen, dear heart. |


Someone should tell the heart to give up

The battle ended before it even begun

Lines have already been drawn

White flags hung out to dry


Someone should tell the heart

Destiny cannot be averted

You tried switching the scroll

Piercing the lines of your hands


But here you are

standing in the same place

saying the same words

feeling the same pain

Smiling the same smile

wiping the same bitter sweet tears

dreaming the same elusive dreams


You will walk on the same path

jump over the same old fence

Breathe in the familiar

scent of grass wet with dew

smile wistfully at the orange glow

crunch the same autumn under your shoes

wrap the same scarf

entwine the same gloved fists

Dream the same elusive dream




and fear


being left alone..


catch the breath in your dry throat

hear the heart gallop miles per second


Someone should tell the heart

to not make itself bleed

to not try to

foolishly avoid the inevitable

to not run away

you will look back..


Someone should tell the heart

where the souls are connected

letting go

would render you incomplete

living alone is not an option

and if it is made a choice

you will be one of those ghosts

who did not listen to their




©  S.Mirza

9:24 p.m

16 October 2010



3 thoughts on “| Listen, dear heart. |

  1. Safire, this is a great poem and I feature poems on my site once a month and I would like to feature this one. My October post is full but I would like to add this to my November 20th post. Please email me if you would like to be included. Thanks.

    If you would like to check out the previous month, the post is called Poetic License. You will get credit and a link back to your site.

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