|~ Whirlpool ~ |

|~ Whirlpool ~ |

The henna washed away

into the calm lake

The index finger drew tiny whirlpools

On the blue, opaque surface

Depriving the water of the flesh

Teasing it with the nails

Round and round

The whirlpool forms…

She defied gravity in her mind

And placed her tiny feet over the waters

Closed her eyes

And swayed to the rhythm of the breeze

Sang a swan song

And danced to an ethereal tone

Over water

heels ignoring the salacious tiny waves

embracing the impossible

Round and round

She glided over water

Forming circles with her toes

Wider and smaller

she created a whirlpool around her existence

a whirlpool which arose in a mist

and surrounded her soul

and in a second

she gave in to reality

and drowned

in the whirlpool

she created.

© S.Mirza

15 September 2010


4:52 pm.

( post Eid and present birthday inspiration)


10 thoughts on “|~ Whirlpool ~ |

  1. Summi,Thank you for sharing, that was excellent.the doodling on the water seems to have monopolized the poetry somewhat,but i know how it is – when the urge overcomes you, you just gotta emote! and you are brilliant at it too!I feel it is just as important to write about rainy days as it is to embrace the sunny ones.
    All sunshine can make a desert.loved all your wandering meanderings too..:)keep up the good work.

    • thanks Jina. that was a very thoughtful post. When i write i express what i cannot understand and cannot decipher within my thoughts and my emotions. But poetry .. is something else – an outlet to things i didn’t even know i had within.

  2. i understand what u r trying to say safire.. it takes a lot of thought, a lot of contemplation before one takes that final plunge and completely drowns(figuratively speaking, in one own thoughts or just drowns, literally)… the doodling on water has perfectly portrayed the turmoil within the heart and the mind..this turmoil is actually more important because it helps build up to the grand finale… Like someone has said it correctly-

    “Sochte Sochte Dil Doobne Lagta Hai Mera,
    Zehen Ki Teh Mein ‘Muzaffar’ Koi Darya To Nahi..”

    be well my friend and keep writing…

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