Second Chance


I think everyone deserves a second chance. Forgiveness is an exquisite trait. Not many people have it, some prefer sweet revenge.  But then  if a person has had bad experiences with the same person again and again, then as they say- once bitten, twice shy. There is no right answer. The answer differs from person to person.

Sometimes, second Chances should not be given, especially if they are third, fourth, fifth and sixth ‘second’ chances and especially if people don’t deserve them and portray it as a huge favour to your existence that you gave them a second chance.

But some second chances should be given, especially after you put yourself in another person’s shoes. What if you were the one who truly regretted your actions? What if you repented and resolved never to repeat the same mistake. What if you wanted to be forgiven, start afresh and try again? So, maybe, just maybe people do deserve a second chance.

If you do decide to give somebody a second chance then do so whole heartedly. But even the person who gets the gift of a second chance, needs to accept it with responsibility, because if you blow this second chance and take it for granted,  maybe this time there would be no room for mending or repair.


16 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. Second chance.. but would anybody give YOU a second chance?
    I’d be ready to forgive and forget… but is everyone else like that??

  2. Sadly, everyone does not have the strength and not everyone has a magnanimous heart which can forgive and give second chances. Such people are few – make that very, very few.

    thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. Second chances are like rare delicacies..should be grabbed with both hands and holding an honest intention to make up to it this time..a complete resolve to deliver the required with a desparate urge to rise in the eyes of the one. No matter if they gave you a second chance like a huge favor , they would know how much you really needed that second chance to make it all good all over again. Yes. Do give a second chance if you “feel” so.

  4. How many deserve a second chance.. thats a better perspective than asking how many will give a second chance..
    How many would take the second chance as another day and at the end of it.. they will be the “victims” and think they “should” deserve yet another chance.. who are these people? they change the way a “second chance” is whole heartedly given and then a “third chance” and then a “fourth chance”.. then what?..
    its not heart.. its love that keeps one giving it over and over again.. the giver gets more flushed emotionally and drained of energy to walk further.. then what?
    to hurt yet leave? to leave and hurt? .. a second chance taker has to “deserve”.. otherwise its just another lifestory..

  5. thanks for visiting my blog, Fox. your comment is exactly what this blog post was about. It’s strange that sometimes both people feel the exact same thing. :)

  6. Thats a nice write. I think, second chances aren’t given, they’re earned. If you deserve a second chance, you’ll earn it. You’ll repent yourself and you’ll know what to do to get that second chance. The person giving the second chance shouldn’t actually give it, but the person receiving the second chance should earn it… If I make sense there…

    Nice choice of topic…

  7. I believe everyone deserves a second chance… If for nothing else, for the sake of being human. And I believe everyone deserves to know what is feels like to give a second change, to forgive someone… Great post and love the quote :)

  8. What is also true is that if you are given a second chance, you tend to give others a second chance. I agree with Haris that second chances should be earned, but sometimes some people should be a little more receptive and give it to certain people who have shown that they do not take it for granted.

  9. Nobody’s too good to become bad and nobody’s too bad to become good.ask yourself this:if u made a change & had remorse for previous actions, wouldnt u want a 2nd chance?

    Nothing happens overnight, everything takes time. However, that’s when it’d be up to the person who was initially hurt in the relationship to decide how long they are willing to wait in giving a person a second chance. In my opinion, for most situations, the writing is on the wall whether or not they’re deserving and whether or not they would actually follow through.

    Forgiveness is always good, no matter how bad the mistake was…..holding a grudge will just destroy you….but there’s a difference between forgiving and learning…..and making the same mistake over and over (referring to giving someone chances over and over to watch them screw it up.)

    very good writing Summi

  10. only those people know how to forgive who possess such power to punish. to forgive is solely your own action rather than it has anything to do with the stubborn and rigid behavior of that person who is never likely to pay any heed and is keen to miss the third and then the fourth and so on ‘second chance’!.

    loved it :)

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