Completely ‘Phetted’ the great weather.

So, it rained cats, dogs, swans, turtles and yes, a rainbow too. And thankfully Cyclone Phet spared Karachi.

But despite the great weather, I feel caged. I wanted to run on the beach.

I wanted to dance in the rain.

I wanted to laugh a lot over silly things.

I wanted to dive into that lovely pool and swim a length or two.

I wanted to sit on that swing and aim for the cyclone sky.

I wanted to jump and splosh on all the puddles, under, my umbrella.

I wanted to refresh my soul, if it makes sense to anybody.

I’m thankful for all the blessings I have in my life, AlhamdulilAllah, but, there is a little girl in me to be honest, who just wants to embrace the innocence of nature.

Oh yeah, wouldn’t mind a peck on my cheek and a lovely glass of chilled falsa juice. Hehe.

Because behind all that mature exterior, I am just a six-year-old girl.

If you are  a parent of a six-year-old and didn’t allow your child to do at least one of these things, let me tell you one thing YOU SUCK just as I SUCK for not doing any of the above. We only live once, don’t we?


5 thoughts on “Completely ‘Phetted’ the great weather.

  1. SaFire.. what a ‘Phetted’ week that was!!! =D I am so like my 8 year old daughter and here you so sound jus like her :) and this sketch is so “emaan” too! She , along with her brothers and mama papa, splished and sploshed the dirty puddles on the rooftop. This is so me..! And that rainbow was exhilirating..
    * a peck on your cheek*

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