A lecture for Pakistani Muslims and their stance on Facebook

I have a lecture by Shaykh Kamaluddin to share on the recent Facebook  issue in Pakistan. Give it a hear:  http://tiny.cc/wbs6w

Click on “Request download ticket” and then click on “download.”

He talks about how we get offended when someone makes fun of the Prophet’s  (may peace be upon him ) zaahiri (physical-outward ) Sunnah ( what the Prophet said or did ) but we ourselves are “living cartoons” because we think that the zaahiri sunnah is unnecessary and do not follow the teachings which change us inside out. When we ourselves don’t care about the zaahir then why do we care when non-Muslims make fun of Prophet’s (may peace be upon him   zaahir. That is hypocrisy and double standards. People are making fun because we Muslims are not following the Sunnah. If we did, then no one would ever criticize us, because the Prophet (may peace be upon him) had the best of manners, personality and character.

A must listen and thought-provoking lecture (given at LUMS :   http://www.lums.edu.pk/ )!

For those who want to know about the Shaykh, click here: http://www.islamicspirituality.org/



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