[ If Given a choice . . . ]

Given a choice

Would you hold my hand

and tell me  i am wrong

when i think i am right ?

and admit that i am right

when you are wrong ?

Would you tell me to stop

rather than let me go ?

and let me go

when i don’t want to stop ?

Would you ground me when i am lofty

and humble me when i’m not ?

and treat me like a queen

when i am at my worst?

Would you always tell me to improve

and relaunch my life?

and would you accept me for who i am

and accept my predictability?

Would you tell me to get over it already,

wake up and smell the coffee?

and would you let me whine

and throw a tantrum when i need it?

And when i am shy

would you push me just a little..  ?

and when i am not,

would you play too?

Would you be
and not
you are not?

would you
let me
and not who
you want

If Given a Choice…

© S.Mirza


12 thoughts on “[ If Given a choice . . . ]

  1. i love what you wrote relashiosnhips are built on trust and that takes real trust if given a choice i would as a friend give you that freedom and hope that you would do that in retern
    because thats what friends are for :D

  2. Pipandoodel:

    A healthy relationship is where you accept each other as they are and don’t expect or force them to change for you. Ofcourse positive changes should be welcome and entertained, but where for eg. someone wants you to become someone you are not, then that would mean just killing the person’s originality and personality, won’t it? Your a great friend by the way. xox

  3. i desperately want to write something, paint something my fingers are etching, my brain is twitching!! :P

    its a beautifully written piece baji!
    but i would never want anyone i love to let me go!

  4. Amazingly beautiful.

    Salute the thoughtfullness.
    One of the best i’ve read for a long long time.
    Wondering what was it that i stopped writing…
    It’s so continuous and refreshing.
    Sis.What do you say.
    Want to see bhai as a blogger????

  5. //and tell me i am wrong

    when i think i am right ?//

    in that case, do u think he/she will still understand :-P

    it’s wonderfully well written but in real scenario this thinking can drive us nuts, why not follows current and enjoy the ride and keep it simple :-)

    who has written this? s.mirza ain’t it should be s.malik ;-) hehe just kidding, keep the content coming.

  6. Nope. It’s not S.Malik. :) Its definitely S.Mirza, and my first name does not have a ‘N’ in it.

    You see ideally , if she thinks that she is right, when infact she is wrong, and she consequently, may jump into a ditch, then he should hold her hand and tell her why she is wrong. Give her reasons, as opposed to an order or a command. She is most likely to listen to loving reason than a dictatorial , “Don’t do that. You are wrong. “

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