” Why my heart goes out to Sania Mirza “

“That’s not what I think every time I step on court, that an Indian never did this, an Indian never did that. I’m just there because I just want to be there. I’m happy, I’m starting something. I’m not thinking who did it or who’s gonna do it.”


I don’t think Sania Mirza, the highest ranked tennis player from India and who won the 2003 Wimbledon Championship’s Girls Double Title, really thought about whether she was the third Indian or the fourth to choose a Pakistani bloke to marry. I don’t also think that she paid close emphasis to what the Indians or Pakistanis think or what the conservative parties across the borders would possibly rant about. I don’t think that she also paid consideration to the crazy media hype which could be created with her decision to marry Shoaib Malik, a cricketer from Pakistan, who was ranked second, in the ICC ODI all-rounder rankings in June 2008.

Did she think about a certain, ‘Ayesha’, who claims that Shoaib Malik is still married to her? Did she expect skeletons to come out of Mr. Malik’s closet, just a week before the wedding? Did she expect newspaper headlines? Did she expect having to justify her to be husband’s side of the story to the media?

God No! What she may have thought though could be about love, companionship and future. She may have thought about her family’s reaction, her to be spouse’s family and the relationship that she could expect to share with him. She would have thought about the venue, the celebrations, the mehendi, the valima, her apartment in Dubai, her in-laws, her wedding cards, her dress, her tennis, his cricket and the list goes on. But all this drama, i don’t really think so.

This is nothing but traumatic and extremely stressful. Think about the amount of stress which an average bride and her family has to face just with the preparations of a wedding. They go yellow, give temper tantrums, cry for no reasons and basically become anxious felines. Now, here is one girl and her family who not only have to deal with the stress of arranging a wedding, taking care of relatives, and bidding goodbye to each other, but they have to put up with the added stress of the to be son in law’s baggage from the past. And such baggage , that the contents of which, including the dirty laundry have been put out in the public for drying and examination.

Then there is the million dollar question: Will the wedding take place or not? Oh my God! Cards have been printed, the wedding venue booked, the caterers paid, the heart and mind spent and you have the guts to question a girl, ‘Will the wedding take place take place or not?” Her heart must be crying tears of unfairness.

I put the entire blame on Shoaib Malik. Dude, whatever the truth or the lies are, whether you are a victim or whether you victimized another, that is your problem and your folly. The responsiblity of ensuring that you took care of your past, before proposing to marry another girl lies on no one but your shoulders. Marriages are based on honesty and i sure do hope that you have been dead honest with Ms. Mirza, because if that is not the case, chances of her becoming or remaining (God Forbid! ) Mrs. Malik are not very bright.

My advise to Mr.Malik not as a lawyer, but as a girl who feels for the bride to be is-  save yourself the chakars of the court and the katheri, save your self respect and especially that of Sania Mirza and her family, and just divorce the previous wife. Nip the issue in the bud. Save your face and your integrity , and let Sania Mirza enjoy her wedding and feel special. She deserves it. And if you truly love her like you say so, this is a small test and passing it should be easy shmeasy, lemon squeezy.  :)

What can i say: Mirzas’ stick together. ;)


20 thoughts on “” Why my heart goes out to Sania Mirza “

  1. although i understand wat u are saying..but with all due respect this was a very girly sort of entry…i believe tht Malik was kinda played with…i dont get it…y is this ayesha person made into a victim…its a female thing wright..tht a male took advantage…i always see the world as evil..and all sort of ppl living on this sordid planet :D..

    anywayz i really hope Shoaib Maliks appeal against his ban works and he gets bak in the team..THT is more important!!

  2. * Thanks Hareem.

    * Thank you for posting here BAITS.:)

    * FAL:

    I am a girl in case you didn’t notice. :) The post had to be girly. I have not commented on the fact that who is sacha and who is jhoota. I don’t think anyone but Shoaib and Ayesha know what really happened and hopefully Sania Mirza. All i am saying is that when you want to marry, ensure that your past baggage is wiped clean and sorted out. He was a fool to not have ensured that and this caused not just embaressment to him, but his wife to be, and maybe even some Pakistanis. With a wedding in a week and the Indian Police after him, ofcourse divorcing was a very practical and wise decision. If he is truly innocent like he says so, he has the choice of suing the family later on and the courts will give the verdict. As a lawyer, i refuse to take sides or assume i know the truth. This blog was more of a woman’s empathy to Sania Mirza’s position.

  3. AHA….akheer kar lawyer samnee aa hee gaya! :D

    but my point is pretty simple…y has personal lives of our crickters become such a big new headline…i just want these cricketers to perform on the cricket field and Pakistan ka naam roshan kareen….i really dont care who they marry…our so called awesome news channel r just goin crazy….and tht is stupid IMO!

  4. It’s up to the cricketer to be level headed irrespective of whatever media hype is created. Look at the Aussies. It’s still about pride of the nation and the game of cricket for them. The values have changed for our national cricket team.

  5. bhai yeh to shoaib malik pay zulm hai. If he wasnt married to this ayesha character, how was he to know that something of thes sort was going to happen? What if he, in all his innocence, was too lost in love to notice the conspiracies brewing around him? :P

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Ritu. I can’t think of anything intelligent to say at this point unfortunately except that irrespective of whatever happened, Shoaib still takes Sania Mirza home as a bride, so maybe he is dumb, but not that dumb. ;)

  7. this is theana from orkut i agree with you he should have not asked her to marry him until he divorced his wife some people like to keep other people in the dark if he did keep her in the dark about the other wife we dont know if he trully did only they and thier familys really know but if he did that is an awful thing to do to some one the world comes crashing down on you when some one does that if he did that to her i dont think he trully loves her enough and he should not marry her she disvers some one better some one who will trully love her for her i hope she does not marry him he seems to be playing the dumb victom roll and she is the real victom he knows what he was doing all along i feel bad for his ex wife and his new wife to be if he kept his new wife to be in the dark then he also did it to his ex wife to be

  8. Hey Theana. It’s great to see you here. It’s a bit complicated actually. Mr. Malik has been disputing that the first marriage even took place. According to him , Ms. Ayesha and her family defrauded him and misrepresented the identity of the girl to him.

    Mr. Malik claims that he signed the ‘nikahnama’ ( Muslim Marriage Contract) thinking that he was marrying the girl whose photographs were sent to him. Ayesha Siddiqui was the girl who had introduced herself as Maha Apa (elder sister of Ayesha to him). Shoaib claimed that Ayesha had starting making phone calls to him in 2001, when he was in Sharjah with the Pakistani team. He said when he came to Hyderabad in 2002 to meet Ayesha; he was told that she had left for Saudi Arabia for some urgent work. “She told me over phone that a certain Reema and Maha Apa would take me around,” he claimed.

    Mr. Malik had admitted previously a few years back that in 2002 , he did have a telephone nikah ( basically a Muslim cleric leads marriage ceremony over the telephone) with Ayesha. It happened in August 2005.

    Later on, Mr. Malik’s brother-in-law got a photograph of a teacher in Saudi Arabia who was telling people around her that Shoaib was married to her. His nephews were studying in that school.

    When Mr. Malik saw the photograph of the teacher, he recognized the same to be the ‘Maha Aapa’ . He immediately confronted Maha Apa, and told her that he would release photographs she had been mailing me to the media. She apologized and told him that the other girl was married and that he would ruin her life if he released the photographs. He then broke all contacts with her, because according to him a marriage based on fraud is not valid, which is legally correct as well.

    He then proposed to Ms. Mirza, who knew about the previous scandal as did the rest of the world, atleast in India and Pakistan, since he did come clean on it a few years back.

    The problem arose a few weeks back, when after finding about that Mr.Malik was getting married, Ms. Ayesha resurfaced with her claims of being married to him.

    Anyway, the latest is that, Mr. Malik did take my advise and divorced Ms. Ayesha for now . However, i do feel that he may later contest this divorce as one made under duress, because as far as he is concerned, the first marriage didn’t even take place.

    God! Even writing this made me wary :)

    You know irrespective of what happened, i really want Ms. Mirza to be happy so all my prayers are for her.

  9. Sania Mirza, an Indian Muslim who always spoke her mind and did what she liked . Now I am sure her parents opposed this marriage but love doesnot see reason. She stood by her beau and talked straight while Shoiab was telling his lies as usual. I only hope he loves this bubbly girl at least until she becomes overweight.

  10. yeah, finally he took your advice api, i’m not following the story much, but the series of fwd messages suggesting me that their wedding is taking place this week!

    prayers for them. and as a girl, i too want her to be happy! slightly biased to her of course..

    do not have much info about that Ayesha scandal, but after having read your replu to Pipandoodel, i’m wondering if he’s really so dumb to marry a girl without seeing, or is love really blind?

    whatever, its past now. So much past that he has a right to fully cherish his marriage.


  11. i think love is beyond country courts and chakars of here there – everything is fair in love, war and cross border marriages :P at least now it is!

    hail to the gutsy couple !

    and hail to Sania – good going!
    I like the attitude!

  12. welcome to my blog, Yasser, Captain Johann and ADesi. :)

    it’s obvious to us , who has better public speaking skills, but i liked the fact that she still paid the attentive listener role, and shushed the journalists ( if you may call them that! ), in defence of her hubby to be.

  13. Hey nice blog Sam..i simply loved it…

    i have no comments regarding dis topic as i didnt follow dis news much..watever it is am happy to rcv d news dat India Pakistan ka rishta ab pakka banchuka hai :D

    Wishing them all d very best for der future and happy married life :)

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