Stronger than bitter truth

Worse than a mere heartache

Insensitivity to emotions and plight,
understanding, belonging, life itself a fake.

Diminished importance, an atom’s existence,
Spoken, unspoken, it matters not,
There will no acknowledgment, no resistance
Realisation, from Lord, help should have been sought.

Despite such a cold demeanor, there are no complains,
Gladly relinquish her defense in this one sided trial,
Who would believe her anyways? Wasn’t there always laughter?
Who would remember the grin when even she forgot how to smile?

Life is perfect, life is the way it is supposed to be,
Spoons of choking sweet syrup, cut throat, heart slicing, sharp,knives
She is doing fine, they all say and I agree, she certainly is,
No breaking news here, she is just disconnected from life even though alive.

1:15 p.m
12 October 09
(after midnight)


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