Rain dance and Rain tears


Swimming in the expanse of the blue surreal body,
I was the one, i was the grand ocean,
I rose and fell with the swirling waves,
Passing through currents, going through the motions.

My thoughts were large and i was unique,
I carried the life, my actions fashionably risque,
I did not realise that i was small,
Until the fateful day, when i took the fall.

The blueness gurgled me from its belly,
And i surged towards the silver surface,
Attracted by warmth and silver light,
My soul began burning as if in a furnace.

Such pain and ecstasy, as i split like star dust,
Such fear and intimacy, yet embrace i must,
I floated as unseen steam, i scattered away,
My loftiness shattered, for redemption i prayed.

I floated away towards the magnetic pull of the cloud
Was this my end? Was this my shroud?
My self esteem dissipated, no longer i was proud,
I was left with my silence within the growing crowd.

Pushed down by new visitors, within my identity i drowned,
I contemplated my naivity, the thought of smallness did hound,
But i learnt to adjust, and i explored the new abode,
I suffocated, and worse, i knew i was the load.

I was constrained, i could not breathe,
I wanted closure, the end i needed to meet,
I sensed the cloud’s mood change to the dark,
There was anxiety within, was this the last mark?

And then the blanket tore, and i was shoved outside,
powerless in the atmosphere, nature’s will i had to abide,
But something was different, my spirit was not enchained,
I was dancing deleriously, i was the rain.

I fell on the parched earth,
With passion i was embraced,
There was sweet perfume emenating from us,
And the secret of life in our existence laced..

And as i dissipated, i realised with certainty this sweet tasting pain,
From raindance, to rain tears, i will awaken to raindance again.

© S. Mirza

6 September 09
21:23 pm. Sunday.


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