Go Figure!!

I don’t understand why everyone and anyone wants to be figured out by the other, or wants the other to figure them out. And then we get disgruntled, disappointed, angered and frustrated when we realise that no one understands us,- not even the one you thought did. *Surprise. Surprise*

No one can. People change. You change. I change. Even we change. Circumstances and Events change. Choices and tastes change. Then why is there always an overbearing expectation that atleast you should know how a particular person thinks and feels? We are all trying.

Really. I don’t think anyone really knows me. Heck! I don’t even think i fully know myself.

Shouldn’t we cut each other some slack? I mean why is it just so difficult for you to tell a person what you think and feel, rather than expect that by some crazy act of telepathy, they will know what you think in seconds.

Hmm? Hmm? Hmmm?


4 thoughts on “Go Figure!!

  1. why do we need this to be understood by others? why we feel bothered when someone critically rather harshly criticizes you even when most of the part of their criticism is senseless?:(

  2. A good topic.

    I feel like saying that most of us want others to figure us out because we, as social animals, need social sanction of society to move on. We want to come up the expectations of others because we wish to be a part of society. And in turn, if we are not given a social feedback, we feel isolated, alienated and all alone. These feelings of alienation ultimately leads to frustrations and may also result in social deviance such as in rebellion. As a comfortable bed soothes our sleep, so does social sanction soothes our social walks of life.

    Understandably, when we fall short of society’s expectations, we make an opinion that people do not understand us. But in reality, we are only not given preference which does not mean that we are not being understood.

    Admittedly, circumstances and events do not remain same for long, but do they also influence our choice? Do our choices change with the change in circumstances? As I see it, the more nourishing a given relationship is, the more it lasts long however the circumstances and events are. If there is a pool of trust and two-way understanding, a setback will make ties stronger. When we drive our car on roads, a bumper does not only break the speed of our car but also it reminds us that the shock absorbers are still intact, effective and working.

    With compliments.

  3. Thank you for appreciating my views.

    I do not blog because I like writing on paper. But I have not yet found any credible magazine/journal in Pakistan which enjoys a good deal of readership. Therefore, I have my diary, which accompanies me most of the time.

    I hope it answers.

    With compliments.

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