Her Poem


She made flesh, blood and skin an idol,
A demigod to which she sacrificed her soul,
Big mistake-a sin and a crime,
She wasn’t the destination,but a mere role,
Her value diminished like dust on the floor,
She does not even like herself any more.

His answers to her questions- attack and defence,
Manipulate emotions, her plight she does sense,
Her tormented heart not worth a pence,
Her eternity now seems to be a pittance
Its all shallow, hollow is the existance’s core
Love has made her hate herself some more…

Crushed like eggshells, parched as dry leaves,
Self delusion doesn’t even let her fully grieve,
When did she become a begger and not a chooser?
Why did she wear the blindfold,acquiesced to be a loser?
Why always ajar? Why didn’t she shut the door?
She has started to hate herself some more.

The breathing turned scant,even before the angel arrives,
For nothingness, did she afterall strive?
What made her always want to understand?
What made her step into the sinking sand?
Her own heart like discarded paper, she casually tore,
She will die and make him never love her anymore.

1:18 a.m
23rd May 09


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