What to do in a Boring Meeting?

boring-meeting1If you are stuck in a really long and boring meeting full of technical jargon, start daydreaming. If it is essential to be focused, start tapping your feet on the ground soundlessly, pretending to dance- ofcourse do that only  if the table is made of teak, and your legs are invisible to everyone else. Start counting the tubelights, or listen intently to your heartbeat if you can.



3 thoughts on “What to do in a Boring Meeting?

  1. hehe, good one!

    we (me and a colleague) had been wondering about how to survive a day at office? (when there isnt any work and you cant really smack your head with IT and Law books) we end up doing these:

    1) find extra colorful separators and make greeting cards for the office members.
    2) learn arabic.
    3) memories Allah’s Names and the Surats in Quran.
    4) watch The Arrival series.
    5) read harry potter.
    6) arrange and re-arrange the files.
    7) terrorize your juniors. who’d end up doing the same to you :p
    8) type at your cell phone @ speed of light.
    9) make the smallest paper boats and stick them to a blue sheet.

    pictures of these are available at demand :p

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